Problem w/ VIA KT400 chipset board and USB power


So I have a Soyo Dragon KT400 Ultra Platinum board and have a bizarre issue with the USB plugs. If I plug in any device that draws power from the USB channel itself and then I disconnect it using the disconnect hardware icon in the system tray, the system will dismount the volume (assuming this is like a pen drive or something), but the system will still supply power to the device. When I pull it out, I get that stupid “do not disconnect unsafely” error msg and then I end up corrupting the data on my memory key. I’ve got the latest drivers and all, but is there something else that I can do to stop this problem? Btw, if ur wondering about how I actually disconnect the device, I have to shut down the computer, or at the moment when the window pops up that says “now safe to remove device,” I gotta yank the device out very quickly… anyhow, that’s the problem. Any suggestions?


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