Problem Square mouse cursor when in mode (translate)


I’m having problem in Autodesk Maya … please help me. I can not disable the square mouse cursor when in mode (translate), that is in MOVE, ROTATE and SCALE.

How do I disable the square at the tip in Mouse?


hi there! did you ever figure this out? I get that square on my cursor sometimes and I cannot do any translations, I get a menu instead, the kind like when wanting to chose faces, vertices, edges, etc). Just seems to appear arbitrarily. If I did something, I don’t know what I did.


I’ve gotten this crap recently too, no idea why yet. It was with an Arnold assembly, it didn’t seem to happen with anything else, if that’s a clue. Got it to “work” by restarting it. Srsly get half as much work done in maya with all the crashes, investigating problems, work-arounds and restarting.