Problem Rigg-BlendShapes


Hi Guys, i hope you can help me…

I finished to rigg this model and i added the BlendShapes… but the image is the result!!!
Some verticles, not moved in the BS, moves in the base mesh.

I working in Maya 2013…

Pls, help me!


This can happen if the blendShape mesh was extracted from the baseMesh at a pose. Switch off the skinCluster envelope and extract the blendShape mesh to create shapes.


I agree! It probably came to be this way because the blend shape was extracted from a pose.
If you don’t want to remodel your blend shape, what you can do is paint your blend shape weights. Select your target head and go to the following under the animation panel: Edit Deformers/ Paint Blend Shape Weights Tool. From here it’s like painting weights for joints. You pick the blend you’d like to edit and paint influence weights consisting of 0-1


thx a lot!
Can you see the firt test here:

Critics and comment very appreciate!


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