problem open pftrack file....locked!!


hey guys,
i have a problem with pftrack
i create and save my file correctly… but when i re-open the saved file, the program say:
“the project file is locked. this may indicate that there was a problem when the project was last used”
… someone can help me??? i have so difficult to work
when i saved the project there was not any kind of problem…
thank you
thank you


I’ve run into the same issue only I was still able to open it.
You might want to try opening up PFTrack and going to your projects window, then duplicating the project in question and see what that gives you.


Go to the project directory and delete any file with the extension .lock (like myproject.lock).
I am not sure what causes this.


Whoever is reading this thread , I know is desperately looking for an answer. Well, :rolleyes: post a “Thank you” after reading this:

1)Press the settingss icon.
2)Select the “Processing” tab.
3)Change the current processing device.

Yes, your graphics card was the culprit!!

Enjoy! :keenly: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Go to settings, processing, then change the currently selected device.

Your graphics card is causing the problem.


hey thanks Locorus. the only problem is that, I don’t have any “processing” tab in my settings.
I’m working on PF Track 2013.4.1. and it keeps crashing time after time, sadly without any recovery. it tells me that my project files are corrupted.

any solutions?