Problem: Instancing model with Pointclound?



Well , I have a model with tree branch and the pointcloud that simulates leaves (instance Shape) on the branch, then I instantiated multiple copies of this model , and I can see that all of the instances have the leaves simulated on them , but at the time of rendering they dont appear , but the are clearly in the viewport , so if someone knows how to fix this, or if is just that it cant be done , I will really appreciate the help,

thank you in advance.

Ps: It works when the particle shape is one of the default one(point,cones, rectangle…etc) but not with instance shape


Well found the problem after and hour of testing stuff, it was because of two things first I had a intance_shape node plug into the shape port of the emitter and I changed it to a set_intance_shape node pluged into the execute port and that was the first thing , and second was that I moved my intance_master_model from the center of the world so the pointCloud wasnt in the center of the world and the leaves were getting lost. So I changed this two things and it got fix.

hope helps somebody if they have the same problem


Good on you for A) digging yourself out of it on your own, B) posting the solution once you found it instead of disappearing in silence.
Both things are held in high regard :slight_smile:


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