Problem importing pasting Animation clips to another character


Hi Maya gurus,
Hi I am working in many characters with the same rigging and controls using just one animation clip for all of them.
I am able to transfer animation clips to other characters through character mapping but is time consuming importing every character into the scene. I try loading animations clips from one character but it affects to the wrong controllers it all have the same name but instead of moving the foot it move the knees and the chest instead of the hips. I guess it has to do with character set hierarchy.
1º Do you know how to change hierarchy in character set?
When I export the animations clips and I load it to my second character I tried to paste it with all the pasting options(name, hierarchy etc). The pasting as ´´node name´´ should work because when I do the Character mapping with ´´node name´´ works straight away but it does not when I do it importing the clip.
2º Do you know why it is not pasting as I want to or am I doing anything wrong pasting the clips?
When I export the character map as mel script I load it into my second character without doing anything to my characters controls behaviour?
3º Does the main character have to be loaded(would not make sense to me) for the mel script to work or am I doing something wrong again?
Please any good samaritan guru help I have been stack with this thing for the whole week.
I know atom would be the way to go but I would like my workflow to be as fast as possible.
Love you all