problem for save my scene


Is normal for a scene to take several minutes to be saved ? I make any change in my scene and when I save the changes it take very long only for that.




Hey f3de,

It shouldn’t take too long - of course depending on the complexity of your scene it might. You may want to play around with removing history where you can, and try File->Optimize Scene Size…


I have a scene with 1000000 polys and 60 lights that cast shadows only and I reuse the dephmap. I have clane the history and reduce the size of the file but still take 20 minutes for save. I have many groups and I dont know if that can be long or maybe is shast my machine that is not a full power elevation one.

boom shanti !!



20 minutes still seems like a long time… what kind of processor power/memory do you have? How big is the maya file? Did you try saving it as a mb or ma?


I have a P4 2.46 Hz. memoria 512 MB Ram. Windows XP Pro and the scene is 66.2 MB. I will try now saveit as ma and see what happend, after I tell you. Another thing I will try is to open the scene as a reference scene to do some more staff because if not I will go mad with the waiting times.

gracias amigo



The scene in ma is bigger then mb. Tell me what do you think ? It is a machine limitation, is any problem in the scene or is normal ?



Yes, I thought it would be bigger, but did it save quicker? I don’t usually make my scenes that many polygons - I’m a character animator so my poly counts tend to be fairly low - but 20 minutes seems a bit unusable to me…


Hello friend,

I have find the problem. It was on the scene. An object with 0 scale, not only one it was all the windows on a city. That with the lights with deph map shadow make maya go off the planet. Long time for save, render, ultraheavy scene etc. The save pass from 20 to 1 minute. The render from 2.30 hs to 15 minute for frame. It drive me loco for 2 weeks. Any way I have lern lots.

Thank you for your help



Hey that’s great you found the problem! You may want to report the bug to Alias.


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