problem : creases when render


i 'm having a weird problem with this model, it looks fine in modeler but not in renderer, i noticed the same problem if i freeze the subpatch model (ctrl D).
Anyone knows what could be wrong ?


Can ya do a wireframe render focused right on that area? Normally I’d suspect a 2-point polygon or unwelded points, but it’s not clear to me that in those cases it wouldn’t show up in Modeler. So if we could see what the wireframe is doing, we’d had a better chance of helpin.


I found out why, i started out this model from an old model who already had weighmaps and morphs, i cleared everything, it’s fine now. :slight_smile:
Thanks for trying to help Nanogator.




Interestingly, we had this same issue at work a few months ago with a model that someone had created a custom morph in for generating nice UV maps.

The model had the same creasing issues (and caused the same headaches trying to figure out what was screwey) - we did the same - Cleared the morph and voila! No more crease…

Wonder why?


I’ve had the same issue kevman3d discribes. For me I found out that I had to del all morphs before point merging a model that I had un-welded to adjust the UV.

Sort of a pain cos I had completed all the morphs for my animation and had to redo… shrugs


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