Problem compositing V-Ray passes with atmosphere


I’m combining V-Ray passes with the formula provided:
(VRayDiffuseFilter x (VRayRawLighting + VRayRawGlobalIllumination)) + (VRayRawReflection x VRayReflectionFilter) + (VRayRawRefraction x VRayRefractionFilter) + VRaySpecular + VRaySSS2 + VRaySelfIllumination + VRayCaustics + VRayAtmosphere + VRayBackground = RGB_Color (Beauty)

However, it doesn’t look the same as the beauty.
Any help?

Link to EXR
Link to NUKE compositing script


Do you have exposure compensation turned on? That’s a post-processing effect that will change the appearance of the beauty but not affect any of the component render elements.


You mean Exposure Control in Environment tab?
Yes, Physical Camera Exposure Control, with Global Exposure value of 5.0EV, WB to 6500K, Image Control of 0.25 1.0 0.2 and color saturation of 1.