Problem animating NURBS character /w physique


I’ve run into a problem. I created a NURBS model and want to animate it with physique. The problem occurs when I move the character, the trims and blends I have on the NURBS model break apart and separate from each other creating big gaps. (too big to be remedied by merge)

I’ve tried joining the surfaces but they can’t all be joined and most just get screwed up.

Is there any way to “weld” the surfaces together while keeping the NURBS information, as it will be easier to animate the facial expressions using the NURBS CVs.

Please any help or any information would be greatly appreciated.


Have you tried making those vertices rigid?

I messed with a patch in CS once and ultimately meshed it out and used a morpher for my deformations. Let us know how it goes…


Thanks for the reply. I tried what you suggested and made the vertices rigid but with no luck. I ended up converting to editable mesh and welded all the gaps toghether. I’ll use the morpher for things like eye blinking and other deformations around the eyes. For the mouth area I set up some bone around the lips. ( I thought it would be to hard to set up all those morph targets for all the different mouth shapes. ) Another reason for converting to mesh was the fact that with NURBS, max crashed everytime I applied Shag:Fur.

Also, I decided to use the Skin modifier instead of physique. It seems to work much better and quicker, and now with the new mirror mode feature and paint on weighting, its easier…so far.

PS: Sorry for the delay in the reply.


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