Probably a simple Expression


So I am trying to connect a single float attribute with range 0-14 with 14 float attributes with range 0-1. The 0-14 drives the 0-1 successively so 0-1 of the driver is 0-1 of attribute 1, then 1-2 of the driver is 0-1 of attribute 2, then 2-3 drives 0-1 of att. 3 and so on… Its a zipper using wire deformer and a series of dropoff locators and their Envelope attribute. Tried using SDK but it crashes every time I load the wire. Any tips? I know about “if then” and “else” but thats about it:blush:


Did a lot of reading and figured it out. Although I am still curious about peoples solutions to zippers.


I like this “problems”.

1.create locator name “main”
2.create 3 locators(locator0,locator1,locator2)
3.animate main locator from 0 to 3 this procedure in script editor

import maya.cmds as mc
def test():

5.create expression “python(“test()”)” play

Most import thing here is to name things smart.


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