Pro Render Bump and Normal settings


So I bit the bullet and got an EGPU and a Radeon WX9100 card. The speed and quality out of C4D and Pro Render is fantastic, but I have come up against a barrier to getting more realistic materials

Whenever I use a Normal map or greyscale bump, I get very little surface detail. It needs to be scaled up to 1000% strength before you see any noticeable bumps. Also it hangs if you alter a noise’s high and low cut of points. If you do this with Pro Render turned off, make your adjustment then turn back on it does seem to work with a scene update

I did try displacement and that works astonishingly well, but it’s heavier on the render times. This might be my go to way if I can’t work it out.

Pro Render with just easy surfaces seems very nice with this card, even with heavy depth of field. Just need to be able to push it a bit more.

And yes I know Pro Render isn’t production ready and I should be using Redshift, Octane, etc but this is the route I have chosen




I’d be interested in seeing how interactive the prorender IPR is with that card and how long it takes to get rid of noise. Why did you choose the WX9100? Is a Radeon VII not faster and cheaper?


Well the card seemed to be the choice for this combo of EGPU and enclosure.

IPR is fantastic and the renders are great and quick. I seem to have worked out how best to use the material system, which isn’t fully equiped yet I think I am getting the hang of it. Depth of field is good too.


what kind of renders do you do?


Currently working on some animation. I work for WWOS in Aus. Needed a fast photoreal renderer and didn’t want to get a PC. My hope is Redshift will eventually work on AMD cards. Maybe I’m foolish. If I had been sensible I would have gone PC and Nvidia years ago, but I’m not sensible.


Redshift and Octane should release their first versions for AMD on OSX very soon, they’ve been waiting for OSX 10.5.5 which has new Metal code they need. The official version of 10.5.4 has just been released, so the first beta of 10.5.5 shouldn’t be far away.

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