Pro-life 30 sec short


Abortion might be a divisive subject, but I am making a 30 sec short showing a developing baby in the womb, and the violent nature of abortion. I am currently researching the anatomy of a developing baby, and have to start with a working script.

I am a decent modeler, but I need to put a team together for texturing, animating, compositing and editing. If anyone reading this message is led to help out, please email me at, or post a reply.


If you need music i’m in…


elfling bard,:applause: I just went to your site. You make very emotive music. What is your work-flow? I should have a story-board/s for you to work with by this Wednesday. I am in the process of moving now. I hope to get situated in a new place this Monday. I have been freelancing in Anderson, South Carolina for the last 6 months and I am moving back to Columbus OH as my contract is up. Glad to have you on board Francois



I am currently without contract for now so you can send me a storyboard anytime you want it…I can do much more electronic music style if you need and much more light in presence…
Here my e-mail


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