Prisoner Of Ice, Martin Lisec (3D)


Hi guys, here is my last work. Yesterday I have started to work on the “man in the bottle” - picture for CG challenge - The Sideshow - but now its little different - closer to my style. I mean the rules of this chellenge are too strict - there is no space for ideas. Its just my opinion. I hope you enjoy this picture.

Martin Lisec

Photoshop 5.5, 8 hours

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Amazing! Quite nice “erm… erm… something … in the bottle”. :thumbsup:




Are you working only with photoshop?


are u saying this is fully 2d???..:surprised



Looks like 3d.
Did u use any photo reference?
Very nice mood and realism


Wow … that is really cool … how u make it ? :surprised


Thats nutty dude… I totaly thought that was 3d.
You gotta post your ref if you used one… PlZ!


Very cool, great skills so I hope you don’t mind the crit: if the jar is full of ice, you shouldn’t be able to see the creature inside in that way, because the ice would distort the view (index of refraction stuff)… or is it just an ice cap on an empty jar?


Holy… :eek:
I do enjoy this picture, thanks.
How did you do this!?


:applause: :applause: :applause:
Wonderful ! It’s only 2d you say ?


Please share how you made the cirkels in the image fit the “camara” angle ?? looks really nice and real :beer:


Holy Cow
Goood work
:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


wow for photoshop, the level of detail is astounding, even if it was built ina 3d program, it still lovely.

i love the ice or what appears to be ice, covering the top, even the steam or w/e you call it rising from the top

its amazing how you did get the detail of the refraction or caustics (not sure which, or both, if attempted), i’d love to read or see any descriptions on how you made this.

Goodwork, keep it up


Whats that in the bottle?
Wrom from the Agents?? :applause:


Great work of art!

This may be the creepiest thing I’ve ever saw here… I don’t know why, but the cold tuch of your picture can reach me through the glass of my monitor…

Perspective is a bit too above the whole thing. But it sure makes it even more misty… (And the glow is off a bit too. Not what you would expect in reality, kinda idealistic.)

Like it a lot!

  • A.


i wonder what’s inside :rolleyes:


I agree with the 3D thing… one of the most photorealistic things I’ve ever seen coming from PS only.

Superb work / idea …NOW LET’S SEE SOME WIRES !!! :stuck_out_tongue:



yeah the most 3dlistic 2d i’ve ever seen…


I don’t really understand what is happening in the pic, but it looks neat regardless. If I had to guess, Id say it is a rat that desperately needs his nails trimmed.

Dustin Brown