Prison Break


here are some stills from the current short im creating called: Prison Break.

its alot of fun and i hope you enjoy!


Love the little dude that is trying to pull Jello man.

Not sure about him though, but probably have to see the storyline before commenting too much more.



The big guy is your basic big, dumb oaf. To fat, and to dumb to realize that he should try to run. The little guy is trying franticly to get away from the law. he is pulling and yanking, and pushing, finally he struggles and lifts up the big guy to carry him and gets sucked in the belly.


I think you should add fighting robots. Because they always add such sentimental value.

Also, maybe rename the piece DJ Prison Breakdown. And add skateboardsā€¦ and animeā€¦and maybe a slow motion matrix kick.

spin on

DJ Danny French

But other than that it looks good.:smiley:


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