Print Production with Maya.


What is the best solution to do renderings in maya for Print Productions?
in LW or Max. I can out put the renders in to sections. once i’ve attended LW user group today. I’ve found out that LW has some very nice tools for renderings our image in sections.
Is there any similar solutions in Maya to render images in sections?
This is because i’ve to deal with renders of 300dpi with print size of 20x30. this means in pixels, this can be more than 10000x10000 anytime. if i render all of this image in one pass, sometimes maya just renders there for weeks with no respond at all.
thanks in advance if anyone can give me the answer.


sounds like a good job for mel.

create the cameras, set them to right positions and dimensions
render them all from one single batch

the difficult thing might be to set up the cameras that they look only at the right portion of the scene

i will try to write one (will take a while, cause i have a lot to do at the moment)


So I’ve been told: You can use the command line to render out certain quadrants of the the image effectively. Only say an area of 2000x2000 pixels. That way it doesn’t have to compute the rest of your image. Also, don’t overlook BOT files when rendering out for highres if you’re using Image Maps, that will keep maya from crashing.


yes Grooveholmes is right with command line it’s an easy setup
the flags for this are :

xLeft, xRight, yLow, yHigh


geee… that’s sounds like a solution.
but what if i want to batch render it. with eerrr… Render Queue program. is that a way to do automated setups rather than setting the x,y range in every renderings?
for example, i need to render a file with a total of 32000x20000 pixels. and i need to slice it in to 20 quadrants. would it be troublesome if i need to type the same thing when i finish the 1st quadrant and continue on the rest? aren’t there any tools like the new release of LW7 which can set the amount of quadrant or slice that we want right from a menu or something?
gggeeee… if anyone kind hearted enuff to write a similar sript. i would thank him and promote his script in print comunity.

btw, i’ve got this reply in maya mailing list (highend3d)

From the render options

xLeft -xl <int> set X sub-region left pixel
of the final image
xRight -xr <int> set X sub-region right pixel
of the final image
yLow -yl <int> set Y sub-region low pixel
of the final image
yHigh -yh <int> set Y sub-region high pixel
of the final image

Use a batch file/script with the “tiles”


P.S. Thanks guys.



I made a very simple script that lets you render your image
in 4 tiles and then you can assemble them together in photoshop or whatever.

It’s under “rendering & shading” …

the script is called “SubRegionRender”

here’s the link…=rendering#2416

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have suggestions on

regards Joel


thanks dude.
it’s very kind of you for this script.


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