Princess Syuria Ratnasari, Cycom (3D)


Title: Princess Syuria Ratnasari
Name: Cycom
Country: Malaysia
Software: Maya, Photoshop

This is one of my latest work i done during my freetime. I modelled her based on traditional costume from Indonesia, Jawa. She is a princess from noble family as well as a warrior. Behind her back is a kris, also known as Malay’s deathly dagger. It’s widely used in battle during 15th century.
Comments and critiques are welcome.


Great textures man, and great render… :bounce:
The only thing is about the body, it seems too plastic


Great modelling and texturing work for this creation.

Georges.:slight_smile: 8)


Great texture mapping, truly reflects the “golden” mood of the scene. Notice that I said the texture mapping is good, but the ornaments itself is too clean. A little introduction of dirts on helm, or some torn edges of the cloth would make it more “organic”.

Is it just me or is the proportion slightly off?

Great effort, Cheah!


Thanks for the comment yowchuan, indeed the proportion is slightly off. Pretty strange though, it’s wasn’t like these in my veiwport. I’m doing some of the correction now.


Very nice; I like her costume. :slight_smile:


wow!! love the texture!! VERY VERY much!
the body’s rig can be tweak a bit, especially her armpit.
but good work. u deserve stars.
i’ve seen the background somewer before.


Beautiful for cartoon. For realistic render, the skin looks plastic. I think the hair should be more dense.


Yeah, I admit the texture for the skin texture is quite dull, i can’t add anymore texture on this model. It’s seem that’s the limit of textures my pc can load. I’m using Athlon 1.2gig 512ram geforce32mb. I think that’s the limit of my pc can push.

rcoon, thanks for your valueble comment on the her ampit. I’ll fixed that later.


and yeah, u guy might want to see some of the working progress, here they are.


nice texture :slight_smile:
love her clothing a lot :slight_smile:
nice work.
for a princess like model, her pose is a bit boyish look heheheh


Hi man! its very nice costume! i love it, but i am not much happy with the right sholder hand parts!!, rest every thing is prety kool to me…:bounce:




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