Princess Predator, Denisa Mrackova (3D)


Title: Princess Predator
Name: Denisa Mrackova
Country: Czech Republic
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

I really like the aliens and predators movies and style. I made her in 3ds Max and the postproductions’re in Photoshop.
I inspired by Boris Valejo style.

I hope you like it.


Nice I dig it. Tho it would’ve been better served to have this against another bg besides white. And the image is dead center, which isn’t doing the little compostion the piece has justice. The model is great tho. Have any wires?

You used a different pic for your thumbnail, can we see that also?



Hi Denisa :slight_smile:
Absolutely amazing. I like her face and so mutch details.


Cool character! Looks like she has a little Harry Potter thing going on, on her forehead. I’m curious about the small spinal cord hanging off her back. Do you have a back view of the character? I was just curious how you fit that in to her ensemble.


Amazing work!! :bounce:


wow. It´s really great. She reminds me from something about the stargate series. Clothing and armour is incredible too. Look the armour is mobile, with so many parts. Her hair is very well done, I love it. And that mark of the tummy… great too.

Congratulations Denisa, keep on with your great work.


looks good,but can we see some wires?there are many disturbing parts and i like to know if it is fake or not…black or 50%grey will look much more better…


TES: here’s a wireframe. Some of things isn’t on wireframe because i rendered in meny layers but on next images are :slight_smile:


Excellent. Character is great, like so many details in armor and accesories. Thanks you for such oustanding work.

Wires are amazing!!! I´m waiting for your next image.


Hi! Great job! I really love it. High quality. Your final works still looking better and better.
It would be a honour to me to cooperate with you. Give me know…


this character is really cool! besides the white background:D Nice classic fantasy style, amazon body mixed with predator armor… really nice!



That’s how we call such work over here! :thumbsup:


Wow… very nice. She has a great expression and you have so much detail. I would have loved to see a render with the finished background. Still I think this piece has potential for a choice award! Congrats, great job.


Waaaaw excelent work. :thumbsup:
I look forward when i see complete scene.


Outstanding :applause: This is really nice. You have really got the Boris style spot on, and whats more it really suits this pic


wow that’s one hiiiiii poly model! im trying to come up with a character with similar light armor for a short im working on… hope it doesn’t have to be this heavy with poly counts… :smiley: great work btw! front page worthy! :buttrock: 5!



great, your modeling skill is outstanding, keep it up :wink:


well… do you see me slobber? after studying these wires there’s no reason to renounce… this is just awesome work :drool:
I’m not much into character criticism but this is just masterpiece and I’d like to say it loud, well deserved 5 stars… I can see a lot of work there, especially wires are perfect, there’s a lot of mood in this picture and that’s the point of final results - to feel anything.
I really like this picture, from facial expression through materials and details to the final color balance and the whole lighting…
once again, really really great image! :thumbsup: thank you for sharing your work with us.


Great modeling and texturing :thumbsup:
I want do see it with the modeled and textured background , please! :slight_smile:


I am not really in character modeling/design, but here I just have to say 5stars … I would really finish an eviroment for her and play with the shot itself - the center composition of herself is OK to show the character but to create a mood you need an enviroment incorporate a bit.
Keep up the great work.