Princes of the sun, Tomasz Jedruszek (2D)


Title: Princes of the sun
Name: Tomasz Jedruszek
Country: Poland
Software: Photoshop

As you may know my site been attacked by hackers and destroyed (server where it been stored) , but it is not the first time I have problems with my home page and it defenatelly won’t stop me from working and posting my illustrations.

Here it is another AGOT LCG expansion box cover , MArtell this time, at the moment I am working on “The lords of Winter” …guess what house that would be :slight_smile:


Huh? Why would anyone hack an artist’s website?
I hope you will be able to restore the damage and you’re absolutely right: always keep going!

Nice painting btw, love the metal of the figure in the foreground and the overal mood of the piece is awesome. :slight_smile:
Just wondering if the city in the bg should be a bit darker with less detail in some areas?


gr8 wrk thomasz, nice mood and detailing…
and abt ur website hacking im really shocked and disappointed that artists website also get hacked… any ways fix it up…


hi tomasz, i feel sorry that things also happen to the artis as well.
like always great work! i have nearly same opinion.the building/castle ist too rough,the black aoutline is too strong compare to cavalier bellow. right now seem to be the castle build in a small size/miniatur and just composite overthere.

all in all great work!


I think another artist which has hacking skills and also very very jealous of your work may do that:(

About the image…breathtaking artwork. I really liked the overall colors and design of the armor. Looks epic:thumbsup:


I feel sorry about your website, as always nice illustration, like the light


You have captured the mood very well, although I have one crit.
The helmet looks weird as if it’s been copy/pasted from another photo. I know you don’t do such things, I know your skills, but there is sth about the way you’ve painted it that makes it stand out and look pretty artificial. Or maybe it’s the flattness of the mans face? He doesn’t look very realistic. Also I would tone down the rocks on the left, they stand out too and not in a good way…
Other then that I like it very much :slight_smile:


Fantastic work and fantastic environment!
Congratulations man!

GrtZ, Tim


Very intense scene, inspiring atmosphere!


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