Prince of Persia


Anyone played the recently released Prince of Persia on PS2/XBox/GC? It’s AWSOME on all levels, one of the most graphicly impressive game ever and certainly super gameplay. Fighting by climbing on enemies, jumping from walls, rolling around, and seeing enemies hit each other by accident only to then draw out your sword hit them and finish them with your time dagger. Plus rewinding time is fun, and so is slowing it down.

It’s unbelievable what they managed to do in real-time. All that smoke, dust, clouds lightning and awsome rising sun. Just too beautiful not to be seen. Get it now!:slight_smile:


Indeed! Truly one of the more impressive games of the year! And such nostalgia too!:smiley:


This is surprising you?

It got near perfect ratings.


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[B]This is surprising you?

It got near perfect ratings. [/B]

No, not surprising, just nice.:smiley:


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No, not surprising, just nice.:smiley:

Ok, lol.

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Get it now!:slight_smile:

This is the most subtle plug i’ve ever seen for a game :slight_smile:

Just wait for my ‘unbiased’ review of MGS3 when that launches. :love:


This is one of the best games out right now! I love it… Anyone care to speculate how they did the whole rewind time thing?


Think “instant replays” like you see in racing games, then, allow for the player to ‘interupt’ the action at any point in the replay and start playing from that there. Those replays in Gran Turismo aren’t movies, they are actually all gameplay just using the previous race and all recorded attributes. We did this for our motocross game, and is really the most flexible way to get cheap replays and in the case of PoP, the ability to insert yourself seemingly in time, again, since its all still in-game.



Yeah, the action replay and rewind thing definately isn’t a new concept, but it works exceptionally well in this game.
It’s just a matter of recording the motion of the player. Blink, that xbox game about the cat who could control time did it quite well, but not as engaging as PoP.


It’s great for this kind of game too. It can actually be fun to just run on a wall and try to go for some pole, miss, then rewind. Or rewinding during a battle to the moment right before you got killed and block the attack, or jump over the enemy’s sweeping sword:p

Now I wonder how ICO 2 could be any close to be as good as this one. I hope so!


Is there a limit to use of the rewind feature?
Like if you die from an attack, can you rewind 50 times and keep trying?

This kind of game could be real deadly to someone who is a perfectionist (like me) given the opportunity to redo stuff :slight_smile:


Yes there is a limit. You start out with 3 or 4 gauges and then aquire more throughout the game as you find more sandspots (little glowing jetstreams of sand, which also refills them). Each time you use it one gauge empties out. It can also be refilled each time you kill a monster (you must hit the monsters with your regular sword until they fall on the ground and then give the final blow with the dagger or else they get back on their feet). You also have additional gauges that fill up when the others are full. Those are used to hit the enemies and transform them in sand statues, which slows them down to a major crawl. If you give them a strong blow with your regular sword they explode in bits of magic sand. It’s useful when you are surrounded by enemies you can’t leap over.

So yeah, there is a limit. Sometimes you will use it, then right after get killed and try to use it again but the timer will not have filled up hence it will be useless. So you can constantly use 5 gauges one after the other because there is a timer that must refill each time.


It’s out?? :applause: I have long been looking foward to this day! Is there a demo?


There’s a PS2 demo out in the latest Australian PS2 mag Fasty, and the full game is out in stores right now!


That last game I bought was WC3 and its Expansion.

And you know what, I think I might just buy this game… I remember playing Prince of Persia a long time ago on my 286. With no rewind! :stuck_out_tongue:

You know what? I AM GOING to buy this game. I can’t wait!


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That last game I bought was WC3 and its Expansion.

finally got yourself a personal copy eh :smiley:


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finally got yourself a personal copy eh :smiley:

Had too, my roomate went out and bought a copy behind my back. Watched him play one game and I booked it to the store to get my copy…

Back to getting our ass’s whooped all over again… I can’t believe how much the gameplay changed.
Even with my AT partner in the same room as me, we’re still getting owned…
We will rock soon!
Stupid work getting in the way. :stuck_out_tongue:


wow i remember playing one of the first PoP ever. i havnt seen the new game but seems like theres just a tad bit of diff between the graphix. heheh that was one of the most hard games i eva played


I’ve only had a couple of hours to play with this so far - and it is just luxury on all counts… it’s visually sumptuous and so much fun it’s probably bad for me.

The manual (annoyingly) has no credits - but did our illustrious Mr Blanché have any involvement in it’s creation? (Or indeed any other cgtalk/ubisoft members?)



thanks for the review sort of.
The fist pop rocked :stuck_out_tongue: .
i was so addicted to that game i could reach level 9 with totally dimming out the screen to near black with just the white sprite of the prince for refrence.good ol days.



The first POP did rock…

I remember playing for so long that I was very wary about any bottled drinks and would have a tendancy to jump on the spot before walking anywhere. :smiley: