Prime & 3rd Party Render Engines


Hiya C4D gang,

I have been looking at Prime as a tool for architectural modeling and wondered if there were any restrictions/problems with using 3rd party engines such as Thea with it?

Also, looking at the blurb on the Maxon site about Bodypaint having all the features of Prime I was wondering if that app supports third party engines?

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Cannot tell you because l have Studio but I guess that should work? Better ask the plugin devs.


Yes, Bodypaint supports third party render engines. I tried it with Vray back in the days.

It’s often the same price (or nearly, depending on your reseller) as prime and has all the same features plus sculpting. It’s a better option than prime in most cases.



Thanks for the responses, the Bodypaint option is very interesting!





I have been using Prime flavor since it was introduce and TheaRender since early alphas years ago and no problems at all, still use it for my everyday work and no planning to change the engine.
One thing to note is that since Prime don’t have TeamRender is not a problem because Thea has free their own TheaNodes app which works like charm with Prime, so no more worries about how to do network rendering.