"Priceless Friends", Y.Soner Yurtseven (3D)


Title: “Priceless Friends”
Name: Y.Soner Yurtseven
Country: Turkey
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop
Submitted: 19th November 2007

Hi to all!
This is my piece for the challenge “Strange Behavior”. The challenge and the wip period was great. Because of the time problem I’ve joined the illustration part with 3d. I’m going to work on this story’s animation. Well, hope you like it! All comments are welcome!


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looks great! maximum points! :smiley:


3D as i like!!!

5 star!
can not wait for the animation!


wao man, is realy cool the feelling of that image, u rulez!


Great job, congrats



HAha amazing work for an amazing concept! congratulations :thumbsup::applause:


helal olsun! hem pro hem sempatik, benden de 5


awesome. love the style.


Well, that’s wonderful. I dont know what i can say. great work… :buttrock:


DavidHughes3d - Thanks David!

Creieru - Wow thanks Andrei!

rodcreation - Hey Rodolphe, glad that you like the style. Thanks for the stars! Yes I’ll work on the animation, I’ve had a screenplay for this concept since I’ve started to do it but couldn’t start for the animation because of time. Well it’s a cheerful concept for me and I’m going to work on it, let’s see how will it be!

gorius - Wow thanks for comment Paul!

ThirdEye - Thanks Alberto! Much appreciate!

MistaT - Thanks ver muchThemis! Cheers!

turist - Hey Tan! Thanks! Sağolasın!

michael-olszak - Glad that you like the style. Thanks Michael!

artpars - Thanks Hakan for your support!


Here is the story:

“Priceless Friends”

In an ancient, forgotten, knick knack store; there were twangs, clinks and clacks that were started after the long silent years. Also a weird and unexpected visitor was there too. The unexpected visitor was an unusual fairy which looked like he was just trying to find something that he had lost. The weird fairy was trying to find friends whom he had neither found nor lost. But wherever he looked at he couldn’t find any living thing in that place. The place was just full of bibelots and knick knacks with price tags on them. However he wanted to have friends more than anything else. So he decided to use his ability. An ability that ensures him to do whatever he wants with his magic dusts. So he started to hang around, look around and kick up around to choose the bibelots that he liked the most in all around the store. Just at that moment all the twangs, clinks and clacks were started. After their lifeless years all the bibelots that the weird fairy chose began to come alive gradually with all that noises under a magical dust rain. The bibelots were all confused about what was happening to them when they came alive. Also the weird fairy was confused too because of a bibelot which one got alive as a mistake. It was the bee one, the most scary creatures for the fairy. But may be this time he could be a friend of a bee.



This is CUTE! ADORABLE! LOVELY! This makes my monday go sun shine~
great job done. gratz!


Very nice job


Great job!


woooow! great work! love the characters design! very nice nice nice work!:bounce:
love the little teeth bug! :love:


super sweet style you got going on there only thing i can say is 5 stars big up on the award


Looks amazing, great characters and perfect render. Congrats!!


wow…I am so glad to see you put this picture at 3D gallery…:scream: …Mr.ashiataka…good job and I so love the picture…I so love the style…no words…*****5stars from me …keep it up…:bounce: :bounce:


I love this work! This work is as good as it gets - you are one of those remarkabley talented artists whose work provides so much inspiration for the rest of us.

five stars