Pretty nice Caustic Graphics demo in Maya


Check it out here:


I’m still pissed that they killed Brazil and aren’t supporting their existing users in Max. Although it’s cool that the visualizer can emulate mental ray shaders, I have a hard time believing it will work with all 3rd party renderers, like final render and vray. Just seems too good to be true to me.


I had no idea that brazil was no longer around


Yup, their forums have been stopped (read only). Here’s the annoucement. Caustic has been acquired by Imagination Technologies, that is the connection to this thread.

“SplutterFish, part of the Imagination Technologies group, will End of Life (EOL) all of its Brazil and Rio software plugins for 3ds Max as of May 14, 2012. Effective immediately, no further product development will be done on these products and no purchases will be accepted. There has been no development for Autodesk 3ds Max 2013.”

I’ve been somewhat surprised that there hasn’t been a big hubbub on CGTalk with all the AD hate going around so much. This is way worse in my opinion.


I don’t know, I’m pretty discouraged with progressive previewers. They claim a lot, always show a car somewhere, but then it doesn’t work as it’s supposed to.

Brazil lost to Vray long ago. Something like 6-8 years ago. And I don’t think its userbase was big. I think in this time of rendering paradigm changing, only the strongest will survive. I suppose MR will go the same way.


I agree that over the past couple years Brazil was really starting to show it’s age. It had some nice features but was defniitely being left behind. It’s really unfortunate because we have a couple very large libraries of assets we’ve built over the years using brazil. Now when we ugrade to the latest version of Max, those will have to be rebuilt, probably with vray. I think MR will stay around, it’s actually actively developed, like with iray. Progressive renderes are kinda limiting for me too, basically if it doesn’t have a gbuffer for passes, it’s kinda useless. Nice to see where your reflections and lighting is going directly though.


Man this stuff is just getting better and better. I like not having a separate window for test renders. Should be one and the same. If they get this thing working and stable, they are gonna have a lot of customers.



Why do they always show new render technology on cars?


Id say for reflection mainly.


If any of you have beta tested Ghost,… Or,. Brazil r/s as it is now called,… and Vray both since it started,… All I can say is,… I really, really, reallyyyy,…miss Brazil R/S.
Brazil for Maya would be a great asset, but it still needs the vray proxy’s for deferred rendering like in Vray.

Also, in Brazil, I never had to render an "irradiance’ pass on the farm. Vray still has flickering on a render farm and needs fixing.

If anyone has another solution or idea, or addition to what I’m saying,. let me know. Because from my experience with Brazil,… it worked perfectly… no flickering… but a bit slow. But if you render out an irrad pass in Vray…(the latest build),… then point back to it for the final pass,… ?.. what are your render times compared to Brazil?



Modo’s being doing that since 501 and its not a some 3rd party plugin you go to pay for…


If you know what you’re doing you can greatly reduce the flickering or remove it completely.
You arent forced to use the irradience map either, you can use brute force if you want to.

Vray renders much faster (in my experience) than brazil (at equal quality).

Brazil was great when it first appeared but later on development started to stall and they kept promessing updates that never came. Its a shame because Brazil was pretty damn nice when it came out.
I used to be a big Brazil fanbay, but for since a few years now, im a big Vray fanboy :smiley:


Brazil lost long ago, very true. But MR is now part of the Max default renderers, so I doubt very much it will disappear…


I’m not seeing anything hugely different to V-Ray RT, iRay…etc. although the bagpipes are a nice touch.


Can you modify in the viewport with Vray RT? And seeing wireframe is also a new thing. It’s how it should be, and it, will, eventually, in all major packages.


Brazil was one of the very best, rock solid render engines i’ve ever used, and for that reason alone i can’t forgive Caustics for killing it and replacing it with this viewport toy while leaving all the community members very upset with nothing but empty hands looking for alternatives, although having real time feedback is very important and productive, but what good is it without a proper production ready render engine to get the job done at the end of the day:


I hope i’m wrong and they have something cooking up in there, but it’s still far too early for these types of renderers to be used in actual production, unless perhaps if you are rendering turntables of cars and camera flythroughs of arch viz, show me millions of polygons rendered with displacements, true 3d motion blur, layers of complex shaders plus SSS and characters on screen maybe then we can talk.

No offense intended of course :), i’m sure they will find their own consumer base.


No you are right, you can’t currently interact directly in the RT window and the wireframe overlay is a nice touch but I’ll bet good money they’re sat on Chaosgroup’s To-Do list :slight_smile:


Not only is it a car, in this case it’s not a very pretty one. Apparently fresnel reflections are currently not possible :smiley:
Can’t they pay an artist to make a pretty tech demo scene showcasing the awesome things you can do with their tech?

Caustic has quite a bit going for them, but if they want to get a foothold in the market, they have to acknowledge that there is competition, and show that they can beat that competition by a reasonable margin.


Lightwaves fprime has been doing it since before the modo crew broke off from them


what exactly is the difference between this and iray?