Pretty good odds


So far there’s only 5 contestants…that’s pretty good odds on the 8gb iPod. Lets get these guys some more competition. We still have two more weeks to enter.


I’m thinking about it, don’t have any cg work lined up and could use the exercise :slight_smile:


Ok Reuben, I just called you out! !

Yea, lets see what you got?! :eek:


Well i’ve got a job to chase up, if that turns out be a duffer then i’ll probably be in, i could see this being a few weeks work at least :slight_smile:


Malton, near Pickering? Right off the A64? I pass by you every year I go visit my aunt in Whitby! You need to buy me a John Smiths next time i’m in town. Or let me buy you one. :buttrock:


It really must be a small world !, yeah thats right Malton, well its Norton actually, the two towns are connected.

Jonh smiths is nice ummm :thumbsup:


Very small world indeed. I have Smith’s withdrawals every time I leave Yorkshire. :cry:

Anyways, sorry for the off topic posting. Not everyday you find a fellow Yorkshire-man on a 3D forum.


There’s a total of 7 weeks for the contest…I’d be willing to push it out to 8 weeks if I knew it would mean more people entering. I’d really like to see a good showing for this contest.


That’s a “fact” :slight_smile:


Winding up week 2. I know there must be more people interested in joining in on the fun.



I’m very tempted by this challenge, but I’m just not sure I can dedicate the time over the next few weeks. Currently selling my house and renovating a new one, plus running my business and looking after two kids (along with my full time working wife). But as a product designer turned architectural visualiser (for the most part) that era of optimism and pure unadulterated vision is one I’d like to live in for a while…I’m just afraid I wouldn’t do justice to the process.

I have until the end of next week to be persuaded :curious:


If you have time to sleep then you have time to enter this competition! :wink:

I think you’d have a very unique angle on this coming from the world of Arch Vis, hop to it!



…simple…it’s fun…

…I think doing it justice is simply trying to come up with a good concept and then trying to get it done in time as best you can.

I can’t give you much more of reason then that, as a hobbiest I have so many EIM/EIAS unfinished project skeletons laying around my home office it’s hard for me to give a roaring speech to get you up on your feet and running.

Certainly can understand your home/work life issues making you think twice though…
I’d tell my home/work life story, but I decided that for this project I’m just going to keep trying to finish and not make any excuses or reasons for not doing so.

With that… work break is over, back to the day job. Hopefully I’ll post some of my last concept sketches tonight and move on to getting my modeling done.




Yup… still have one more week to register. Sometimes I think people fail to register because they get too worked up about the process and they psyche themselves out. There’s no need to worry about that here. Do what you can and give it a go.


I guess i missed the boat, too many other priorities anyway, nevermind ehh.


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