Pretty CG girl... (nude)


NEWEST UPDATE: [u]- 23th January. 2007

[/u]Well - here’s the final pose for the girl - I am now starting to work out the weights and deformations. I’ll refine them after in zbrush…

Also - I was watching some indian movies this week and got an idea for the costume design that I like alot… I’m thinking of something modern/slightly traditional indian wear for her… with some nice fabric designs, sequins, etc…(I just love indian clothing - especially since I’m half indian too!) So I drew up a quick sketch of the costume design I have in mind. I think it would make for a very interesting piece - especially since I haven’t seen anything like this in CG.
Please tell me what u think:

Also - i did some quick colour tests… Please tell me which colour scheme you prefer:

Well - this new idea is still WIP - so I’m very open to suggesions.

I’m gonna modify her features a bit so she looks a bit more indian - and probably tweak her skin tones. But I’m gonna try to retain as much of her as she is as possible.

So - Mr. Stahlburg graced me with a paintover of one of my WIP renders in his paintover thread! I am pretty excited and honoured…

I thought I’d share it with you…

Looking forward to your comments!



Good proportions… it’s all I can say for now. She really looks pretty.

Good start!




Hey everyone - well I started another model - this one if more of a side model… started it cuz i was getting a bit bored of working on the dragon… so did this to take a break from it.
I still don’t know where I am going with her - just got some reference and started modelling the head then decided I’ll do the body as well.
So far it’s about a day’s worth of modelling…

Here are some shots of wut I got so far:

Well - leave some comments and feedback for me…

Also - if u have any suggestions on where I could go with this model… in terms of theme, etc… I am more than willing to listen - since I really havent put much thought into this since its more of a distraction than an actual serious project. Hopefully something kool will emerge though…

Thanks and enjoy!



Ok - so i’ve worked some on the model… here’s the update:

Made some minor tweaks to the face shape… Mainly - i sloped the brow back a bit to relieve the caveman look… hehe. Also - the texture are just simple blinns applied to selected faces.

And started on the hands…

Crits and comments are welcomed as usual!


Those fingers are not going to be able to curl. Not enough points for that. If you have finger you should be able to curl them. So you would have to divide the finger into its 3 segments.


I know - i just started them - havent done the joints as yet… still getting the overall shape.
Thanks for the comment though.


what up man, looking nice and the edge flow looks good as well. I wish i had worked more on cg stuff but i had to deal with some personal matters first. you know, like marrage. cant wait to see what you put out in VFS. Ill start a thread on the game charaters i started in zbush.


Ok - so I did a couple quick costume concept sketches… Just kinda starting to play with what I maybe want to do with the character.
I’d appreciate your crits and comments… and maybe which one u prefer… or even ideas for costumes if u got any…

Here’s the sketches:

Please feel free to leave feedback as it is greatly appreciated.



I love the second one!:wink:


Thanks Obi… yea so far everyone I’ve talked to seems to like the second one. I think I might do a couple more sketches before I settle on it though… I’ll have more to post by the weekend I think.
Please keep the comments coming!


So here’s an update on her torso topology…
Spent some time trying to find an efficient topology to define the midsection and breasts… Also started working on the glutes and lower back areas as well as her collar bone, and shoulders…

Please feel free to comment and give suggestions as they are greatly appreciated…

I’ve kinda been lacking comments alot on this thread - which is a bit disappointing and I would really like to hear the feedback.



Did some more adjustments to the torso… here’s how it is as of now - smoothed…

Please leave some feedback.



looks nice. the extra time on the topology paid off. it looks like theres some pinching on the back of the neck. im sure your aware of. as for the concepts i like the 2nd one. space thing is over done but it all depends on what your going for. thanks for the motivation.

keep me updated.


It looks like you pretty much blocked out the form and proportions, so at this point I’d concentrate on topology throughout the entire body. Definitely kill the 5 sided poly’s on the forehead, add more cuts to the arms and fingers if you havent already. Also, the sternum appears to be too low…that can be fixed by raising the area where all of the ribs conjoin. Maybe give her a few imperfections to add more character…scars, moles, something to make her stand out from the rest of the bootiful chick models that we see on a day in day out basis…most of that can be achieved with bump/normal/color maps though.

And the 2nd concept drawing definitely stands out from the rest…maybe give her more accessories and change her shoes up a little to make them look more feminine/eloquent/attractive to match the rest of the design. For the top piece of clothing around her torso, I’d definitely drop an alpha map on that to make it see through…that would be HaWt! :wink: Hope some of this helps man…I’ll keep checkin’ back, yO!


Mike - Yea i know about the pinching… I guess some of the verts didnt merge when i combined the model… but thats ok - it was just a quick test of the smooth… I am still going to add some geometry there to show the top vertibrae bone at the nape of the neck…
Most likely i’ll be going with that second one… maybe I’ll do some more concept though… still have a bit to go before I start working on the clothing… Thanks for the support and crits as usual.

NyneDown - thanks for the comment man! I’ll try moving up that sternum a little and see if it helps… The 5 sided polys are taken care of once the model is smoothed once… however I am considering converting her to Sub-Ds later… in which case, they wont be much bother… but we’ll see… even if i need to - it wont be any biggie to make them quads.
As for imperfections, etc… I’ll work on that once I get the maya model done and bring her into zbrush for texturing, etc…
As to her costume - I’m still gonna do some work on it… Actually - I’ve been kinda doing some research while I’ve been christmas shopping - popping in on women’s clothing stores for ideas, etc. But I’ll finalize the clothing design when I’m closer to that stage.

Thanks for all the comments and help guys! Please - keep them coming!!!



Looks great man! sad to hear ur puttin the reaper on hold but i know what u mean about getting burnt out on a character or scene uve been staring at for days and days! The head looks really good to me but something about the hips irk me. It doesn’t look right for some reason, just the where the hips meet the torsoe in the front, that indention that almost wraps around. But anyway great job. Im still really anxious to see you finish that dragon. Good luck with all and keep up the good work bro!!


Here’s an update on the hands… they’re still WIP - but here is the basic topology…

Ryan: Yea - I’m still working on it… I see the thing in the torso u were talking about - but the more recent versions of the torso have softened that… I’ll need to post some new renders of it… That was a problem with the earlier version before I started refining the torso’s topology.
Thanks for the comments as usual man! - And yea… don’t worry - i’ll get back to the dragon… definitely before my break is up… cuz I would like to have the rig done and ready for animation when i arrive in Vancouver…



Ok - well I got the hands and feet basically done. So most of the model is pretty much finished… I still have to clean up and tweak some topology…so excuse the n-sided polys & tris. For the most part the basic blocking of the model is done.
I’m gonna start working on the finer details and proportions this week… so please - any comments and crits about the progress and overall look would be greatly appreciated now while I still can make changes. Also - any comments on topology, etc…

Here’s the feet:

And here’s the latest of the entire model:

And smoothed:

PS - I know the ankles look kinda thin, and the knees aren’t quite right - that will be fixed this week.

Please feel free to leave feedback. Enjoy!


I kinda dont like the look of that thumb. I think its too short, and it looks like its basically sitting on the side of the palm. Hard to feel the bone inside.


Errr… ok McKertis… so what do you suggest I do?
To me it doesn’t look too short really - but i’ll see what ref pics i can get of some female hands and see how it lines up…
If u got any suggestions please let me know.