pretender, George Redreev (2D)


Title: pretender
Name: George Redreev
Country: Russia
Software: Photoshop
Submitted: 27th March 2014

I wish you all a pleasant holiday on the paradise beach)


Love it :slight_smile:


amazing amazing amazing !!


Incredible rendering! Boobs look so real!


Awesome Skin!


absolutely lovely rendering. the skin, water on the body, are really well done.


What an awesome piece! The only thing that seems the slightest bit strange to me is the girl’s arm on her face. In that position I would expect her to be leaning on something. It doesn’t make the image any less enjoyable to look at though :applause:


Great work on the skin! The woman is very sexy.


Its a water gun!

Anyways, fantastic job on the girl.

Only small crit is the man’s left leg is a bit weird.


Beautiful execution and attention to detail. The Sponge Bob bikini cracked me up.
Great job!


Awesome painting. Love the bikini but hadn’t noticed Spongebob or Patrick till it was mentioned just now :wink: … Beatiful work.


Wow! Amazing render and style pinup ! great work! love when 2d hit 3d render feel… :bounce: :bowdown:


Thank you very much my friends for your kind words!



Pravaya bolshe?))


I wish I had skills like this. Everything I do looks like utter crap in comparison.

The cleavage of the bikini-babe reminds me of one of my early attempts. An Amazon recruiter has a poster, showing the mastectomy typically performed to a bow can be fully drawn back. A group of pretty, well-endowed village girls have assorted looks of shock and dismay - but one relatively flat-chested girl has a “meh” attitude.

Way beyond my ability to implement - but girls with oversized breasts remind me of it from time to time.


Love the skin and sand. The expression on her face is priceless.


Awesome work!


Do you have anymore “work-in-progress” pictures or even video?

What is your technique to render to such a high detail?


The amount of detail is insane…love it. Amazing all over.


BEAUTIFULLY DONE!! But I’m not sure of what’s going on here. Did she/the life guard just save a hairy, naked dude? Or did she just stumble upon HND thrashing around in the sand?

Spongebob and Patrick are a nice touch, btw.