Pressure - 3D work


Hey everyone!

These are some of the models I did for “PRESSURE” - a “topdown arcade-racer-shooter” developed by “Chasing Carrots” a small new game developer based in Germany.

I worked especially on content creation (modeling/texturing) but I also did gamedesign,lighting and scripting. The whole game was developed in 1,5 years by a 6 man core team.

Hope you like it!

Cheers Daniel

BTW: Here’s the release trailer

Pressure Releasetrailer

Buggy / Herocar

SpaTank / Enemy

Concept town

Ingame town

Concept relaxzone

Ingame relaxzone

Concept mantis / boss enemy

Ingame mantis / boss enemy

Last but not least - two gameplay screenshots


That looks pretty slick! Did you just build elements of the levels which were snapped together in an editor later (e.g. tiles) or were the maps/races built fully in a 3d editor?

     Yes, we developed a tilesystem which allowed us to snap tiles/levelelements together in the gameeditor. There are about 50 different tiles per stage (riverbed,castle,underground).  The levelelements were build in 3dsmax and we developed some tools to place basic assets (trees,houses,...) directly in 3dsmax. Assets which were relevant for gameplay were placed in the gameeditor.

You can see two of the finished tiles/levelelements in the engine screenshot below.


Cheers Daniel


Your works are looking very good,dude!


Love the style!
When does the game come out?


The PC-Version is already released!

Pressure on STEAM

Xbox360 and PS3 versions will be released in about 2 months!



Here are some interactive 3D-turntables! The models are the actual ingame models/meshes but with a higher texture resolution. Hope you like it!

HeroCar - Buggy

Mantis - BossEnemy

RacingTub - Enemy



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