Press: Max Logo: Looking for large size...


Hey guys.

I’ve been looking around for the 3 3dsmax logo files listed on discreet’s site here:

It lists

  1. A large 1mb logo raster file.
  2. A lineart file
  3. A 3d logo file

There where meant for promotional literature, and I’d really like to get my hands on them. However, discreet seems to have removed them for some reason as the links are dead.

So, does anyone know of where to get any of these files?

Thanks for the read.



contact your local reseller, they might have them.


Already did, but no dice. My local reseller is does mostly CAD stuff. They barely know what Max is.

Thanks for the pointer, though.



Hum, only thing I have is a discreet logo in vector. But it’s unofficial anyway.


Try this site:

They have the text logos in EPS format, not the snake thingy though. Good luck, hope this helps :wink:


Dave, ask Kevin G. Clark,
he’s bound to have access to those files…

It might be that they’re offline because they’re YET AGAIN changing the logo [good god what happened to Product Identity these days…]

what do you need them for anyhoo ??


I’ve contacted KevG, but he only usualy seems to check CGTalk once every few months.

As for why I want them, honestly, I’m tired of seeing no promotional material involving the max logo, and feel that if discreet is to ever compete with Alias, they need to let their users play with the logos a bit so they can make Max fanboy wallpapers, websites, ads, T-shirts, Tatoos, etc. :smiley:

BTW, Quin, seeing your avatar just reminded me to send you that damn light setup…Sorry. It totally slipped my brain. Sending it after I hit the “submit reply” button…




ohno :banghead:


Hopefully, the tatoo part will remain a joke…



If you are referring to the “snake” logo, it’s an easy shape. Can’t be too hard/too time-consuming to recreate in Illustrator or even Flash and then save it as an .eps file.


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