Preset values comparison table


I found that it’s not so convenience if I want to compare those values in the preset, so I typed them in EXCEL file. silly? huh…maybe
Now I can see those values clearly from this form. And maybe you cud tell some secret relationshop about the parameters from this table? :slight_smile: I hope that this wud not be useless.

COTTONDefaultcm/gm/25fpscm/gm/30fpsdm/gm/25fpsdm/gm/30fpsm/gm/25fpsm/gm/30fpsMass Density: Stiff:0.022013.82013.82013.8Shear Stiff:0.02106.9106.9106.9Bend Stiff:0.0153.4553.4553.45Stretch Damp:0.00010.20.1660.20.1660.20.166Shear Damp:0.00010.10.0830.10.0830.10.083Bend Damp:0.00010.050.04150.050.04150.050.0415DENIMMass Density:0.20.066006600600600Stretch Stiff:0.02120801208012080Shear Stiff:0.02100701007010070Bend Stiff:0.01806080608060Stretch Damp:0.00011. Damp:0.000110.710.710.7Bend Damp:0.00010. Gravity Y:-0.01-1.57-1.09-0.157-0.109-0.0157-0.0109Collision:Defaultcm/gm/25fpsdm/gm/25fpsm/gm/25fpsFriction: X: Wind Z: Time:10202020Global DampingDefaultgm/25fpsgm/30fpsIn Damp:0.00010.010.00833AirDefaultgm/25fpsDamp:0.00010.01


oh, my god!:scream:

Is there anyone who could teach me how to paste a table? :sad:


maybe if you use the “code” tag ?
anyway - I´m really interested in that excel sheet. if you could mail it to me, or include it as an attachment to your post, so that the whole community could benefit from it?

many thanks…


Here comes the table. thx roxa


Hi Manuel M,

Pity I’m not a veteran users with over 30 posts, I could not post an attachment here.
I’d already sent my excel file to your hotmail mailbox. I hope that u wud recieve it successfully.



i was also waiting for attachment man, but as u said its not possibble,would u please send it to my email address also…?


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