Prepare to be depressed with this anim, but its cool


I think you may have to download it to view it:


thats one of the coolest animations ive seen, its awesome!!! made me want to return to the old good flash and do some animations!!! jeje cool


That was amazing!




i’ve never wanted to see someone’s website more… and hell, to meet them.

and rictormortis… for some reason at first i read your name as rick moranis and was puzzled by your icon


great animation. great lip sync and i love the effect of everything getting drawn into the scene.

very, very, very nice!


the character’s animation isn’t that good but its pretty awesome as a whole…I love how everything wipes/melts into or out of the scene…the environment animation is definitely what the piece is about…it was awesome…


[2x post…?]…


that was brilliant.


Cool animation:bounce: I like the overall look and feel. Here is an example that Flash animation can be interesting. A lot of people in my school are against Flash as an animation tool.I’ve seen the monkeehub site a long time ago and I must say it really improved and looks good.


great animation and layout. like the touch.:slight_smile:


I think so many people are against Flash because it’s one of those things that should be simple but isn’t. At least to make something truly engaging it’s not easy.

At any rate that’s a great link and it does justice to that song.


I think flash is relatively easy for what it was mean to do, I learned to use layers, keyframes, action script, and most of the stuff in 5 months or so, of course I dont know everything about flash, but i think it is pretty easy if you spend your time


link doesnt work


link works, try: right click > save target as on the link. :thumbsup:


nope doesnt work. dead link for me


no the link is definitely down


Probably too many people looking at it! :smiley:


If you look at the site,it says they had to take it down due to legal reasons.I wanna watch it…


arrrrg legal reasons!? :argh:
and after reading all the “its soo good” 's and the “wow i love it” 's…does anyone still have it, if so if its not massive could you email it to me?