Premier Image upon Image


I was just wandering if there was any way in Adobe Premier, to put a video clip on top of another one and play them at the same time, like film one scene twice with the same person doin each time then put them on top of each other so theres two of the same person in the same scene. And if not it Premier what can you do it in?


You can do this, although I never have. What I would do though, is set up the camera on atripod, so the two clips will be filmed from exactly the same position, so as not to cause problems when adding this special effect. I’d then film my two scenes, and then go into after effects, and lay on on top of the other. I would then create a mask on the upper layer, and roughly animate it so that it showed the clip under it, as well as the parts you need on the top clip. Hope that helps. I’m no expert, so I’m sure there are lots of much better ways of doing this. You could also try blue/green screen filming, but thats a whole different way of doing it.


I still can’t seem to get a hold of this, i have recorded the two clips from a tripod and now i just cat seem to do it, if anyone has seen this done before? like in Red Dwarf Episodes and Tupacs Music Video Hit Em Up, if anyone knows hot to do this please help.


I wouldn’t recommend Premiere for this you need something like Combustion or After Effects. More of a compositing program then a non-linear editor.


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