Predator Fighting Game Model, Lee Salo (3D)


Title: Predator Fighting Game Model
Name: Lee Salo
Country: Canada
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

here is a model for a fighting game I am working on at school. I really love the Predator so I hope you guys think I did it justice.

the top two larger renders are use a single basic omni light with shadows turned on. the botom, smaller renders use no lights at all.

the low poly model is 6004 triangles
one 1024 diffuse map
one 1024 specular map
one 1024 opacity map
one 1024 normal map


good model, but wrong forum.


looks really good, but the head is too big for the body. when and if u make any changes u should definatly change forumes. but again the model is really good


I’m not sure how this got here but if some one can kill this thread it would be appreciated.

thanks, lee


ok, so now what. I tried to submit this image to the proper gallery but the cg talk crew wont let me cause i posted it here. and its in the wrong place here so what should i do? if any one who reads this can put this in the finished 3D forums, it would be greatly appreciated.



Nice model! However I believe the arms are a little bit too short and the skin textures could use some more detail.

Keep up the good work, Hauke


Definately not!
Its finished 3d work, and theres been loads of great game models in this section in the past.
Seeing as the games forum is full of WIPs, this is the only place that good, finished game models can get some exposure. My etna model got frontpage through this forum, so lowpoly models are welcome here.

Great work as usual lee, but is his head meant to be that large? I know his headgear is big, but it makes him look a bit like a kid.
It looks like a really high poly model though - its not until you see the wireframe model that you realise its a games model!


Looks good to me, wrong forum or not, although I believe nothing restricts you to post low poly around here, it seems finished.

I agree about the arms… predators are huge dudes, very tall, tall guys usually do have longer arms, wide amplitude.


(last minute edit : oops, didn’t mean to repeat… seems Andy already made a point about the “wrong forum matter”… anyway, once again… good job!)


It looks also great to me

there seems also no critic on that model looks really like the movie one I saw on the TV

great work you done :slight_smile:


head too big…


head too big…


big head… isn’t it ?


DUDE…what’s your avatar???
I seriously wanna know that is cool!!!

anyways to stay on topic, I said this before when I saw the WIP for this guy…

GREAT MODEL, but the head is much…too…big… and I agree the arms and proportions could be more like that of a taller person, but aside from that your modeling and texturing skills seem to be top notch.



you took it the wrong way, that was when it was posted in the 2d forum


Good model :slight_smile: Although the gun is to small :stuck_out_tongue: and well it has a kind of girlly pose…


here a example for the head it seems not to big


artisanfx - thank you. that was one of the referance pictures i used for the model. Ive talk to a crap load of predator fanatics and the botom line is the predator has a HUGE cranium.

-NG- - the gun is in its down position, it raises up on its neck and can swivle, and sorry, I knew somthing was wrong with the pose ( I’m not good with animating and stuff)

Daroita - sorry you got so hassled dude * too all, this was originally posted in the 2D forums by mistake *

Andy H - hey dude thanks for defending me ( and all game guys out there ) so fast, even though it was missunderstood

-KDX- - thanks dude, its a conte drawing i did a while back adn thought it might make a cool avatar

thanks for all the feed back guys


:buttrock: Love the Predator as well. I used to have a huge poster of him with explanations of his weapons and tactics. I was also a collector of Alien V. Predator comics. Good work man, good work.

Edit - I found a pic of the poster


Man, you guys are CRAZY! Lee this is one BAD ASS model…your stuff is always amazing and this is no exeption!
The mask that Pred has is big, thats why it looks a bit odd, but if you check out the “Batman dead end” (Which was made by the dude who made the costumes for Pred) you will see that this mod is spot on.

Dude, as usual you have out done your self…cant wait to see what your working on next!!!

Cheers man.



I think your model looks great. Irregular anatomy is common through the Predator movies, and it doesn’t bother me personally. Are you working on a game at the moment or just the model?