Pre-DomWar V - Concept Art


General Information

To avoid repeating all of the rules here on CGSociety, please refer to the official rules on the Dominance War V site. I’ve repeated the section below that applies specifically to the Concept Art challenge. This thread is where you will post all of your WIP images for the Pre-DomWar V Concept Art challenge. Do not create an individual thread for your WIPs. I will remove any that appear in this forum.

Please visit the FAQ thread if you have any questions.

Concept Art Rules

You have 4 weeks to finish with the following specs:
[ul][li]Create a full color concept piece that contains Two of the characters classes (character classes are found here). Bare in mind, this is a game art challenge, so your concept should be a game concept art design. The character you create should look like they can somehow be transfered to a low polygon budget MMO 3d character.
[/li][li]Your two depicted characters can be side by side partners, or enemies who are bent on destroying each other. They can be standing idle, fighting, doing a dynamic pose for the camera, it’s really up to you.
[/li][li]Action poses are fine, as long as most of both bodies can be seen. If multiple characters are created in your image, example, a fighting scene is occurring, then there should be a clear emphasis on who your main two character in the concept are.
[/li][li]Important: Your entry must include your team’s logo emblem, or colors, or both, on one or both of your character’s skin, gear, clothing or weapons. If logo, it must be visible on your character(s). If colors, your character(s) should posses obvious clothing tones of your chosen team. For logos and colors, visit - Here
[/li][li]Your single image must show 90% of both characters’ bodies. It would be a bad idea to hide half their bodies behind a wall, a door, in a hole, etc. If one leg is hidden behind a horse or mount, it is fine. Creating a top view of a character so that mostly his/her face is seen, is not a great idea for this challenge.[/ul]
11:59 p.m Eastern Time, Monday, December 6th, 2010


Will be joining this one! I’m excited to see everyone’s process and submissions. :slight_smile:


Nobody yet?, really,I didn´t wanted to be the first one but here we go, I am actually at work but had some free time early and started to sketch this, the idea is a General detonating a bomb that he previously planted on the neck of a corrupted dude while running to take cover or whatever, I´ll check the anatomy and perspective later, for now I just want to know what do you think of the idea.


hey, man! Awesome composition! Glad to see u here :slight_smile: GL


Thanks for stopping by man! ar you participating in the warm up? if the answer is yes what´s your team so I can go and check your work.


I wouldn’t want to be first either :slight_smile: Looking good, make sure you show enough of each character because remember it’s concept art and not straight illustration. I’m definitely taking part, just got some jobs to clear up first. Certainly by next week I’ll be started on this. /trashtalk And the other teams should be trembling, because this year they don’t stand a chance /trashtalk


Count me in!!!

All the best to everyone!


One question! Posting here saying we want in, does that make it official, or do we need to register somewhere else?
Will post my first wip soon!


I think you join a team when you post your first WIP.


Thanks BaronImpossible!

Where is everybody?


I think I won’t join the challenge this time…but follow your progress and cheer for you, guys! Go, Team CGS! :slight_smile:


Need some good cheering yakonusuke!!!

Here’s my first for the War General! I’m trying to get over my idea of the reality in the distant future. This guy isn’t very strikingly powerfully looking, however, he possesses all the skills in the description, and a digital jacket loaded with small but powerful explosives. Will light it up when coloured!
I’d like to know wot you guyz and galz think, but please consider this, I’d like to stay original in my idea, and can’t really go the magical fantasy style for this war general dude, not yet anyway.
Will read your ideas and comments and will add wot I think sounds cool or useful.

For my other character, I’m thinkin Technomage or Corrupted, and this character will join forces with the War General. Kind of a wicked balance of power :slight_smile:


Is it ok to post attachments like that, here?

Gyorkland- looking cool! I’m thinkin you’d have to put a lot of work into an action concept image to get it lookin powerfully completed! Lookin forward to your next post!


thanks man, yeah!! go CGS!!
am I not showing enough you think? cause that was one of my main concerns specially the corrupted, should I show more of his right leg or his left arm or maybe both?what would you suggest, what would be better for the composition BaronImpossible? looking at your work I know you are the perfect person to ask this thanks.

jsn: thanks man, looking forward for your work too hey I think you should go with the technomage,I think the corrupted + general is going to be very popular so you might wanna stand out, its kind of late for me, anyway remenber is a post apocalytical futureI think you should work more on the clothe adding some futuristic details or something maybe a more fancy weapon also, I am digging his look and the sword he looks pissed off


I think you just need to expand the borders a little bit. Right now part of the creature’s gun, part of his arm and leg are off-screen, so we don’t know what they look like. I don’t see a problem with the positioning of the characters.

Haven’t decided which characters to do yet. I’ll probably doodle some ideas over the next few days and post them up, although I’m tending towards technomage and shadow because as you say I think most people will be doing the general and the corrupted.


Thank man, I will expand the borders, and will update my entry on monday
It´s feeling kind of lonely around here where is everybody? I,ve seen the other forums and they have more than 4 pages already, you better upload something awesome fast BaronImpossible to see if the people wake up.


Just messing around with ideas. Here’s something that could turn into a technomage, I suppose.

Yeah, not many 2D artists around here. Maybe they’re hibernating.


That´s what I am talking about!
don´t know but maybe if DW was featured in the frontpage more people would join.


Cool that Dominace war stared yet :smiley: hope to see more people in this pre-war stage :smiley:

Gyorkland - nice concept , like the design on your characters. Good luck and Cheers!!!

JSN - Cool character, really powerful eyes, nice expression :smiley:

Simon - Really great to see you in this challenge and totally cool character!! Cheers!! :smiley:

Hope to have time to join to this pre-war (first I need to read instructions and rules at least :slight_smile:

Good luck to all :slight_smile:


Hi guys,
nice work so far, I’ll join the challenge as fast as i can! :x