Pre-DomWar V - 3D Character Art


General Information

To avoid repeating all of the rules here on CGSociety, please refer to the official rules on the Dominance War V site. I’ve repeated the section below that applies specifically to the 3D Character Art challenge. This thread is where you will post all of your WIP work for the Pre-DomWar V 3D Character Art challenge. Do not create an individual thread for your WIPs. I will remove any that appear in this forum.

Please visit the FAQ thread if you have any questions.

3D Character Art Rules
You have 4 weeks to finish with the following specs:
[ul][li]Create one of the character classes in 3d (character classes are found here).
[/li][li]Important: Your entry must include your team’s logo emblem, or colors, or both, on your character’s skin, gear, clothing or weapons. If logo, it must be visible on your character. If colors, your character should posses obvious clothing tones of your chosen team. For logos and colors, visit - Here
[/li][li]3000 tris total for character, weapons, and gear.
[/li][li]1024x1024 for diffuse, specular color, specular level, glow, opacity, and ambient color. Example, one 1024 diffuse sheet, one 1024 spec sheet, one 1024 Gloss sheet, etc. No Normal maps, no bump maps, no high res sculpting, No baking light info, and no painting normal maps in any fashion.
[/li][li]Breaking up texture sheets into smaller texture sheets is fine. 4 x 512 maps or 2 x 512x1024 etc, is fine.
[/li][li]All lighting solutions from any software package is permitted.
[/li][li]All shaders are permitted.
[/li][li]Final presentation image should include texture sheet, wireframe, and full colored model. Posing model is optional, and adding a pedestal is optional (pedestal may use its own set of unlimited triangles and textures). If a pedestal is added, it must contain no objects that character can pick up and use.[*]To insure no one cheats by photoshop’ing extra details into their final presentation image, high ranked entrants can be asked to submit their models to Dominance War officials to verify that the specs (no normal maps, no extra photoshop’ing on final presentation sheet, no extra polygon usage, no extra texture sheets) were met. Entrants that fail to submit their models to us, will be disqualified from competition. Submitted models will be used for judging purposes only. They will not be sold, or used for any means other than checking to see if you followed the rules.[/ul]
11:59 p.m Eastern Time, Monday, December 6th, 2010


Yay!! this thread is up!! Can’t wait to see what every one comes up with!! alright now to the drawing board :slight_smile:


I’m in! Been waiting for this for a long time. I’ll put the HMC on hold til december. :stuck_out_tongue:


This looks like it’s going to be AWESOME!!! I’m feeling a rush of Adrenalin just reading through all the threads and rules :buttrock:


gotta ask this is Pre-DomWar V right ? so i read the rulez if i join this one, i cant join the main challenge ?


harlequin02- you can enter both, the only rule is if you enter this 1 on cgsocietys team you have to stay on this team for both. can’t change teams after you pick 1 :wink:


Aha, to the drawing board, time is ticking away… :slight_smile:


At last! I’m joining the team! But don’t you think, posting all wips in one thread will be kind a mess?


As i remember it was in rules.


Hi there! I’m starting with the concept.

Please welcome… General Zhao!


Great pre DW V… cgsociety has to win this time!

My Concept Sketch:

The GatlingDevilEvilGuy is creepy as hell AND he has sticking a huge gatling gun trough his body.
Unlimited ammunation is hanging down from his pierced beastnipples and if you get close … he will simply wack the sh*t out of you.

So don’t mess with the GatlingDevilEvilGuy … which is the brother of the well known
EvilDevilTortureGuy. :smiley:


joining this team wooot!

haha wouldnt wanna get too close to his beastnipples :S


Awesome! Glad it finally started, I’ve been waiting on this for a while :applause:

Anyway, did some thumb sketches, scrapped some, ended up with 4, scrapped 1 and now did some further work on them. Let me know what u guys think

I’ll take them a bit further, but for one I have many more ideas than the other two…

ChrRambow really like concept, keep it up :wink:


Let’s get this thing started :smiley:

2nd concept for the comp. Might tweak with her proportions to get her more MMOish. I’m not a great sketcher but hopefully this gets the point across. Your thoughts on the concept would be greatly appreciated.

Good luck all!


Glad it Staretd. Joining the team.


@bludragon: You must know … he is very picky about his breastnipples :smiley:

@Fatfish: I like 2 the most because the silhoutette of 1 is too week and 3 is
somehow imbalanced … the good thing about 2 is the contrast of shapes,
thats why i like it most of all 3.

Still like the rough concept so i started modeling tonight:

Used zbrush for the rough shapes then weld/stitched loops and polyrows together
to reduce polycount while tweaking and experimenting with shapes.

Need to work out the details for the head and i am unshure about
the Breastnipple Ammunition Bands :smiley: also need to tweak the proportion.

But that tomorrow with a fresh eye to judge.


Alright! I’m in! I guess HMC will have to wait for a while. I’m at work right now so all I can do is sketch some ideas on sticky notes. I’ll be back later with my concept. And then onward to victory! Good luck everybody!


Love the old school rules. No gun x sword…just bare knuckles!


No normal mapping? That’s a standard feature of most 3d games newer than 5 years - yes, even MMO’s. Many iPhone and browser games have normal mapping. What’s the deal?

Considering the subject matter and style references, this limitation is odd to say the least. A specific art style might cater to a ‘flat’ mesh, but its value would be dependent on the world it lives in (would the character from Limbo be so appealing outside the scope of the game?).

If I was building a model for my own portfolio or notoriety, I would make something that utilizes the cutting-edge features of modern games - beyond normal mapping (parallax mapping & such), not below it.

Until contemporary consoles or computers can support unlimited polys with film-quality fx, games must fake it - whether you’re aiming for intense realistic details or unbridled stylization. Denying modern innovation for low-poly purism is silly unless you give me a reason (a game or world) where it must be so.


Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that you can’t create something awesome within these limitations.

I just don’t see the point, personally.