Pre-DomWar V - 3D Animation


General Information

To avoid repeating all of the rules here on CGSociety, please refer to the official rules on the Dominance War V site. I’ve repeated the section below that applies specifically to the 3D Animation challenge. This thread is where you will post all of your WIP work for the Pre-DomWar V 3D Animation challenge. Do not create an individual thread for your WIPs. I will remove any that appear in this forum.

Please visit the FAQ thread if you have any questions.

3D Animation Rules
You have 4 weeks to finish a short 6 second fight sequence between two characters with the following specs:

[ul][li]Create a fight sequence where one character is the attacker and one character is the receiver of the attacks. The receiver should start standing, but finish dead on the floor.
[/li][li]Mandatory: Use and rig two of the 3d base meshes (mesh1, mesh2, mesh3, and mesh4) for your character animation. They must be different models.
[/li][li]Keep in mind, when animating your characters, they should reflect two of the 4 character classes found above: War General, Technomage, Shadow, or Corrupted.
[/li][li]No textures or coloring allowed. Entire Mesh should be a single color. Optional: You may show the wireframe on your rendered animation (the wireframe can be a uv map texture applied to your model).
[/li][li]No sound fx or music allowed. Animation should be silent.
[/li][li]You may NOT alter the base mesh, but you may add up to 500 extra triangles per character for gear, clothing, appendages, and weapons. No pets or extra sentient beings (including pet robots). Example: 500 extra tris for character #1 PLUS 500 extra tris for character #2. Optional: At your discretion, you may modify (add more lines/topology) the joints of each model if it helps its movement in your animation. This joint modification does not count towards your 500 extra triangles/character.
[/li][li]All lighting solutions and rendering solutions from any software package is allowed.
[/li][li]For this warm up challenge, you may not use special effects, particles, or triangles and textures for special effects, magic effects, etc.
[/li][li]6 seconds maximum for entire fight sequence. No extra time for lengthy credits.
[/li][li]Important: Your animation presentation must include your team’s logo emblem and your two chosen character class names (War General, Shadow etc) in your animation. It can be on the floor, it can be within an overlay that frames your shot, it’s up to you. Optional: You may add your name, website, and/or contact details alongside your team’s logo and character class names if you choose. For logos, visit - Here
[/li][li]Animations should be uploaded onto Youtube or similar site and you must paste the url to your animation in the submissions page for animation.[/ul]
11:59 p.m Eastern Time, Monday, December 6th, 2010


Two rigs and animation on 4 weeks, you’d have to be really fast!


Maybe im sounding childishly naive, but 6 seconds of fighting shouldn’t take 4 weeks :slight_smile: even with two rigs :slight_smile:

Im already in the process of rigging my chosen models hehe


Are auto-rigs allowed? Or do we have to show we did everything manually?

Similarly, what’s the stance on mocap bases?



I m really happy there is an animation challenge to!I m in!

All the best guys!


very nice to know there´s an animation challenge as well. For the rigs you can use those auto-rigs at creativecrash, i´ve used some of them and it works great. I´ll jump in here later to let you know what scripts I use.

cheers and good luck to everyone,


I have been waiting for an animation challenge in DW nice that they have one now.
Does anyone recommend any specific auto-rig to use?
I was thinking to rig the characters myself but will save time if I can use an already good existing rig which also lets me focus on the animation more. :slight_smile:

cheers guys!!!


If I wanted to rip off a limb, could I use the 500 extra tri’s for that ‘accessory’ (the limb Duplicate)? It also wouldn’t alter the base mesh, since you could scale the joints of that area down and tuck them back inside the mesh.


a follow up question to the one above about limb ripping. rather than use the extra polys for the limb, can we alter the model to separate limbs so we can rip them off?


I am in. I was going to do the character art but the animation challenge will be fun.


Saw this over at *******.com’s rule listing about decapitation/limb rip



(Apparently CGTalk won’t show the word for three dee total )

“looking over the rules, I would say no, you can change the mesh. But, you are allowed to ad 500 tris to the mesh, so depending on how you go about animating and camera angles, you could “fake” a body part being ripped off. use the 500 tris to model out more or duplicate body parts.”

I can work with that, scale and tuck in the limb into the body, have a dup of the limb as a prop. Same process I used for an in game solution back on Heaven Vs Hell:

I’m Goin’ For It!


How would you achieve anything for the TechnoMage without some sort of vfx proxy/stand in?


Not entirely sure, I had the same thought though. Perhaps use some of your accessory tris to fake the fx?


Wow really excited for this!! Best of luck to everyone :smiley:


Here’s my entry:

Bull is a War General verse Lank a Shadow.



**11/19** - More breakdown poses and revising ending move
**11/18** - Blocking pass for Lank and rigged accessories

11/16 - Accessories laid out, 500 tris for Bull and 494 for Lank
11/14 - Initial Blocking Pass for Bull
11/13 - Got them rigged up today, shotting for a blocking pass tomorrow.


I’m signing in to the Dominance War.

It is great that we have a animation challenge.
But why oh WHY did we have to rig the base mesh???


Yone - I’m guessing since it’s a game competition, they are trying to test your range as an artist in related fields.

-Character artists have to design, model, uv, texture, light
-Concept artists have to design, line work, color
-Animators have to rig , animate

Not to mention, having to rig the four meshes in all the possible programs (as to not discriminate) would be a hefty task. Not to mention how much bickering there would be about the rig, limitations or personal preference.

The characters are low res, humaniod with no accessories. So a base rig shouldn’t be far outside the scope of your skill set.

Good luck!



11/14 - Initial Blocking Pass for Bull


I’ll be joining CGTalk for my very first contest/challenge of ever :slight_smile:

This is very much a learning experience for me, but I got most of my first rig done.

I do have a somewhat silly question, though:

I’m taking my rigging class right now in college, and we’re learning to set up controllers and all that jazz… for something this small where I’ll be animating my own rig, should I bother? I already put controllers in for one of the models, but I’m wondering about the next one.

EDIT: added wip screenshot


Garrick and I will be entering the competition with Shadow vs War General

Finished the rigging today and wanted to post up a pose like Kiel did. Gives a good idea to who is the attacker and who is the defender.

Animation will be started tomorrow