Pre-Dominance War V Voting is Now Open!


Entry pages are here:


  • You can navigate between the teams by pressing on the forum logos on top.
  • You can navigate between the categories by pressing on the view 3d, 2d,
    animation menu above the entry thumbnails.
  • To vote, public “must” select 1st to 5th entries. They can’t select just
    1-3. Must be all 5 in order.
  • Please vote for your favorite 5 for each forum and in each category.


i have done voting for all forums, great job everyone.

forum leaders, is it a better idea to put this voting thread on front page?.. there are only 90 views in CGsociety, every other forums have this vote thing over 3000 views by adding to front page.


Yeah that would definitely help things, good shout kingston


Yes, it would be right thing to do.


hello kingston, nice to see your stuff in the entry 8D


I don’t want to know anything about Dominance War from now on, I worked hard to make my entry and I didn’t submit it because of the behavior of game-artisans.

In my opinion, they destroyed Dominance War.

Best regards and good luck to the participants. :thumbsup:


Could you give some links to where you think abuse happened?


Hi Mister3d this is the letter from Fredrik Hultqvist (founder of Game-Artisans, DW and UC) explaining the reasons of the changes in DW and the next challenge of Game-Artisans.

And if you want to see the reaction from Polycount:



Maybe the opinion differs between different artists, meaning some people who need to ‘get out there and noticed’ are fine with it and others that are in the industry already are not, I’m not sure, but I’d imagine quite a few people might get jobs out of the artwork submitted for this.

Personally I think it was blown way out of proportion something that happens far too much on all internet forums. Yeah, Fred cocked up a little bit by not having it in there at the start, but there was no need to hang the man for it! He’s worked very hard over the last few years, at get personal cost to himself, to build up these competitions that promotes friendly competition, creativity and artistic progression. These things should be prized for the gift that they are.

As a guy trying to get into the industry, which can be difficult in itself without the financial crisis the world is having at the moment, any way to get noticed or have an image of mine in a book with all my details plastered over it is a godsend really, basically free publicity, because who else is going to make a book with my work in it?

I also understand that if your in the industry and have been for years and are used to getting your work published in Exotique or Expose and get a reward for that then fair enough you might be a little peeved. (Actually all you get is a copy of the book)

As it turns out (mentioned at the bottom of Freds statement) all he wanted to do was make an app that would have all the artwork in…which is a pretty sweet idea imho.

To Fred - The king is dead…long live the king!


(An artist who would quite like the free publicity)


I see your point, VictorSantos, but what about ballisticpublishing, which afaik gives you only the honor of seeing your works in editions, without any monetary gain? I don’t know all the truth, so I will keep my judgement on this, but just FYI: it’s very easy to cheat with the number of sold copies, so even if he would promise to get you %, you would unlikely to receive it at all.


Dominance War and its archives should already be a resource for any aware educational institutions. The broad collection of artwork from luminaries and beginners alike can and should be examined online as part of course material. As well as the contents of many other internet art challenges.

To take that artwork offline, print it up as a convenient resource for tutors and monetize the service seems about the least evil thing imaginable. And for a couple of bucks a pack. In hindsight I’m sure it will seem a great idea to keep internet challenges alive and thriving.

There was always an opt out as far as I know. You were presented with the information that your artwork may be included in these packs and you could cancel the entry process. Close your browser and not enter the challenge. And if you think that four weeks of work entitles you to ownership of the event then perhaps you aren’t ready to be part of an industry that will cut entire years worth of project work that you are NDAed on and may never acknowledge its existence again.

But if you did opt out then that is a perfectly fair choice. I think you missed out on something by holding your entry back because of the kerfuffle but that is only my opinion.

Anyway… voting on all entries done. I must say CGSociety owned the animation category and was a very hard choice for positions. Great work.


Not to get away from the current discussion, but just a quick question. I watched the “making of” video of slipgatecentral’s winning android gundam type entry from last year (which is awe inspiring) but his final triangle count was just under 10,000 plus add on’s. It seems according to the current rules posted the final count has to be 3000 triangles or less including weapons and add on’s. That number is significantly less and makes a lot less room for detail. Do the rules change each time around? If so why so much lower?


mlager8 - The current challenge is a pre-Dominance War challenge. Not to be confused with the actual DWV competition that will be coming soon. In the main challenge, they’ll bump up the count to allow for high detail models.


Oooh excuse my ignorance, thanks for the explanation Kirt!


Seems more than a little fishy…why would this fellow behave as such a philanthrope…hmmm…a martyr to art perhaps…years of hard work for relatively nothing…too good to be true?..or a dodgy agent…would be hardly suprising,after all our industry is surrounded by vultures feeding off artist’s insecurities,both financial and career wise…vigilance dudes!


Voted. Some sweet entries in the 3D category. Can’t wait to start the main challenge.


when the vote result gonna show up ?


Spent 40 minutes and I’m still only half way through leewiart 2D. That voting system is dreadful.


I voted for all categories and all teams … there went my weekend :S But I want to support initiatives like Dominance War, because basically it feels like mini-olympics to me. From what I gathered it costs more money than that it brings in. Often projects like these are started with the best intentions. When it becomes too large, it becomes too much for one person to handle. Fred isn’t an evil agency or something, he’s a fellow artist who wanted a competition like Dominance War, so he started one.

Hope to hear positive news about the main event. Looking forward to it as I have some lessons learned to take into practice. :wink:

And about Leewiart: definately the strongest group in the 2D section! The average is a lot higher than most of the other groups and to have entries sticking out in such a group is just mindboggling! I had to select by being nitpicking about stuff like “didn’t include character class names, gone”, or otherwise I’d never be able to narrow it down. With the great entries from previous DWs, I was a bit disappointed with CG Land’s entries this round. Hopefully they’ll be back on track during the main event.


I agree that LeewiArt definitely had the strongest entries in the 2d section. The Russians did well too. In the 3d section Polycount had the best entries, I think.

Actually I was a bit surprised, that CGSociety didn’t do better in the 2d section. I mean after looking at the past cgchallenges here, I would expect to see a lot of great art in DW from CGS - especially in 2d. Anyway in animation CGS did very well :slight_smile: