Pre-Dom War V: Finalists and iCards


New info up on

Team Finalists

iCard: Jim “jchristo” Christopher
iCard: Yigit Koroglu

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the challenge. Many great entries from CGSociety! :beer:

I’ll be posting up more as the info becomes available.


Congratz guys! Just peeked at CG Society’s results so far, but well deserved finalists I think! Neck to neck there guys, way to keep things exciting!


I join the general congratulations:thumbsup: и отдельное поздравление Нашим 3дэшникам :buttrock:


+1 :thumbsup: Присоединяюсь к поздравлению :thumbsup:


Congratulations all winners!

By the way how to see all results not only few first places?


really inspiring work :buttrock: :applause:



Perhaps someone could answer a few questions for me…

What is the “pre-Dominance war”? I know what the Dominance war is but was the Pre-Dominance war a warm up or something?

Can only the finalists of the pre-dominance war enter the proper dominance war? (if there is one)

So basically… i’ve been away from cgtalk for a while and missed all this stuff. so does that mean I can’t enter the dom war this year?

I looked all over the dom war site but couldn’t find the answers to these questions. :frowning:



Pre-Dom war is a warm up to the main challenge. You will have the opportunity to join the main event even if you missed out on the Pre-Dom war. It’s completely open.


“pre-Dominance war” is warm up.

From here:

Artists can only join 1 team for all of dominance war V. If you start with polycount, you cannot later switch to gameartisans or cgsociety. Traitors are not welcomed.

You are not required to enter all challenges (November 8th pre-DomWar and January 5th Main Challenge). Pick the ones you like, and join.



Thanks for the reply.



Awesome stuff!
Lookin forward to the main event!


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