Practical use of Displacement Vs Modeling


in a production pipeline what is the practical use of displacement maps versus modeled detail? im looking for answers to questions like but not only:

wich one takes less render time?
wich one deforms better?
wich one is less bugy?
and other various pros and cons

personaly im am used to modeling in the detail , but im begining to see how i can save time, and gain more controled detail by using displacement maps.


displace render times totally depends on the rendering software, some are faster than others, some are more accurate, etc…

for example PRman is well known for havin the fastest mesh tesselation in render time, but you wil need a PRman pipeline in your workflow to get all your work done seamless also i think you have to use nurbs or something so it can be as fast as it gets (not sure though).

So if you find a suitable software for you needs, then you have to concider the UV mapping, your displace will look good as long as your mapping is good, it will deform just like any texture maps deform in a mesh.

I guees you can use it , looks great, and maybe if you add normal mapping you can get insane detail.

good luck.

my 2cents


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