Potential client upset at my estimate.


I think I just burned a bridge by submitting an estimate for a project totaling $18,500. The project has 50+ shots shot on green, camera tracking is needed full CGI background and some minor animated characters. Does this sound unreasonable for a VFX Indie film budget with a B list celebrity name attached?


Don’t all of them want everything done for ~$200?
Really though, sounds like 18k is an underestimate, depending on complexity of course


You were unrealistically low?


I feel like I was giving a HUGE price break because this guys is just starting out and I want to see him make it.


Lowering the price to avoid losing the work is generally how a lot of this industry has gone down the toilet.

Hard to stick to some days, but I do like the axiom that you should never do a job for an amount you’ll be upset about.


Great philosophy! It’s going on my wall of quotes. Just above " Never burn your bridges till your enemies are on them" - unknown


How are you burning a bridge that was never built?


Nah forget that quote it’s a gaming reference. But I think it can apply to the business world as well. However it doesn’t fit this situation. Great now I feel like Ron Burgundy " When in rome " :thumbsup:



I do wonder how much he will be paying to rent the Lights, and camera equipment that the production WILL NEED.
Will he(or she) be upset at the lighting company for also asking for a fair amount?



I would have bid 65K easily. Green screen keying work and camera matching can be a bear and that alone would eat up the 18K you bid. Sounds to me like you aren’t doing this guy any favors by cutting him a break because then he’ll ask for it every time and expect it from other studios. Then those guys will laugh him away and it will do more harm in the long run.


If he has no experience, he probably has no concept of how much he felt he should be spending. He probably rejected ALL the offers and has gone back to planning.


Even Asylum, or SyFy type places I worked, on their cheapest day, would be more than double that! You gave the guy a steal! He didn’t accept. Wait and see what his film looks like when it is done. You will laugh.


Could have been just an act to push the price even lower. Typical negotiation crap.


the bid is indeed low for what is asked - on the other hand we don´t know anything about the project itself.
If probably the actors play for free (or for food and travel costs), equipment comes from university or friends, if it simply is an almost no-money project, then they for sure can´t pay you the requested amount.

This would be a case of misscommunication.


And you will be suitably hurt and embarrassed by their reaction at the same time amazed that they hadnt picked up on the fact that they were getting a great discount.

Seriously this is never a nice situation but these folks are probably farming for quotes, everywhere.


I dont know how anyone can say it’s too low, or that it’s too high, given what you have said, grundelboy.

I can think of about 50 questions regarding this shoot that need to be answered, and for me only with knowing the answers could one give a quote. Because from what you’ve stated, you could have an (relatively) straight forward job, or you could still be finishing it next year.

So to state that your was a good price or no, is dependent on the info you(or they) give, what questions you ask and what answers are given.

I dont think you can count the B list, it does not effect your job. And unless you know what or not are the terms of their contract, you dont know if they are doing it because ??? (fill in the blank), so you shouldn’t make inferences from it.


The fact that you can ask 50 questions regarding this shoot, makes you already more of an informed professional (and probably more expensive already out of the door) Some just jump blindly into assignments for a couple of coins.

I think the OP does a good thing by not budging. If someone gets scared of this amount, in the field of A/V , you don’t know a lot about AV productions. More often than not it is hard to work with people who are unknowledgeable.


True we don’t know that much about the project grundelboy, can you post some more info?
Run time and comparable styles ect?


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Stick to your rate- you cut the guy a deal- it’s human nature to want things for less/free. You will regret it if you don’t stick to your guns.


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