Posts in the Sticky: Wish List for Upcoming Painter IX Patch


Dear friends,

It would be very helpful not only to those of us reading the Sticky: Wish List for Upcoming Painter IX Patch, but more importantly for Corel developers who read that thread if you…

First make sure the item you’re requesting doesn’t already exist in Painter IX.

Do this by first reading the User Guide or Painter IX Help > Help Topics. Then, if you’re not sure, post a new thread in the forum to ask if that item already exists in Painter IX.

Because there are many posts in the Sticky that clearly show the poster hasn’t discovered their request item already exists, it’s equally clear they haven’t done the research to find out.

Thanks in advance for making it easier for Corel to help provide what we ask for, by posting only requests that are for things not already available in Painter IX.


I would like to assign keyboard shortcuts to specific brushes in my custom pal.

Lets say I have Rob’s sketching pencil. I would love to assign it to a number 1 on my keyboard. Then the scratchboard tool to number 2 on my keyboard, watercolor etc. This makes things much faster then clicking the buttons.


Hi crossbones,

As far as I know, that capability doesn’t exist in Painter IX.

It would be a good addition to the next Painter version or any upcoming Painter IX patches/updates if there’s time for Corel’s developers to include it.

I have a related request that I’ll add after yours is posted in the Sticky thread so it’ll make more sense with both requests together.

You may already be doing this, but in the meantime, it might make it just a little easier if you lock most used brush variants at the top of the Tracker palette so with a single click, you’ll get the brush variant with the exact brush control settings each time, until you change them, that is.

Later, you can unlock them and replace them with other brush variants locked at the top of the Tracker palette… adjustable as needed for various projects.


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