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My last submissions takes extraordinary long to show up. I wonder is it due to some problem.
For example, image i submitted for 2d showcase gallery does not show up from Sunday…(in spite i have it in my subscripted therad, as usually, linked here:

Also, i noticed some of my last replies takes unusually long to show up.

Thanks for help.



Oh well… I guess i shall go and resubmit :hmm:


I resubmited, and then CGTalk accusses me for flooding ?

no reply to sender mail ?

2 pictures in 5 days is flooding for CGSociety ???

No support ?

And that is the support to loyal paid member ? :banghead:

Im dissapointed

On Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 10:46 AM, CGSociety Forums <> wrote:


We are sorry, but your recent art submission to the CGTalk Gallery has been declined.
Your image is still hosted on your CGPortfolio.
(“Bandar-Log tribe and Mowgli, Nenad Pantic (2D)”)

We at would like to offer encouragement for your next submission.

Your submission has been declined for the following reason(s):

  • Gallery thread flooding. You have submitted too many threads to the gallery in a short space of time. Please note that while you’re welcome to add as many images to your own portfolio page as you wish, submitting numerous threads within a short space of time is not permitted. Please wait a few days before submitting a new thread.

The CGSociety Crew


Okay, seriously. I think no-one replied to your thread because everyone is getting really tired of this same question being posted over and over again. If you’d actually searched for 30 seconds, you’d have found the answer to your question, but here, I’ll save you the time: when you uploaded an image on Sunday, you didn’t submit it to the gallery, you just submitted it to your portfolio.

Secondly, we do not allow artists to submit more than one image per 48 hours. This is to allow everyone their fair share of views in the gallery, since so much work is constantly submitted. If one artist keeps submitting loads of work, well, they’re hogging up all the space and that’s not very fair. You did not submit two works over the course of five days, you submitted one yesterday and one again today. All you have to do is wait until tomorrow.


Hello Leigh,
Thanks for you reply!

… :eek: …

i did submited my artwork at Sunday to the forum gallery and there was thread automatically created in that forum gallery. I know how it is done because i was doing that for about 30 times during last three years.

But… dont bother. I wiped all my gallery now, so there is no mores problemos. :buttrock:



No, you didn’t submit it to the gallery. By default, every time a user submits artwork to their portfolio, our system automatically creates a thread for it (and a subscription for the user). But unless the person specifically checks the box to submit their work to the forum, that thread is automatically removed to a private dump forum, which is why you’re unable to access it. On the other hand, when the user checks the box to submit to the forum, the automatically created thread is instead sent to a validation queue which is then checked - this list is checked at least once every 12 hours, but usually more regularly than that. If an image is not accepted, a reason is always given which, as you obviously know, you can check from your portfolio. There is no such thing as a thread simply hanging in limbo.

When you originally posted this thread, I read your post, and immediately checked your gallery. Quite clearly beneath your image was written “Not submitted to Showcase Gallery”. Because you didn’t submit it.

But if you want to go and wipe your portfolio, that’s your prerogative.

On another note, your forum profile, for some mysterious reason, was still set up as a new user, which is why your forum posts were requiring validation before appearing on the forum. This has now been fixed.



I always carefuly open the submission drop-down element, scroll to the bottom, and then click a flag to submit.

I am always excited when i finish some artwork and have oportunity to showcase it to the world. Its when you are feeling that you are on the top of the world. Im doing that part precise as a swiss clock.

One thing was unusual though, and i noticed it before some years ago, too.

At Sunday evening, when i submitted my artwork, i forgot to put title in the picture title box. But i did everything elese, uploaded picture and thumb, description, keywords, and I submited that picture to the gallery, yea, i did, it was clear as a soon at noon, i did it slowly, carefully, i scrolled and ticked “i agree” checkbox, one time, carefuly, and it appeared. Surely i havent clicked it twice, to uncheck it. I did it with full presence of my conscious.

Ok, system reloads page and asks me for a title. I enter title, and check everything again. Surprise! There is no submit to the gallery dorp-down element! OK I assumed system accepted my submission, and continued to finalize the submission.
Artwork appeared in portfolio, but did not appeared to gallery even not after several days, even not after my second artwork was sucessfuly submitted.

But forum thread dump in the forum 2d gallery, for my Sunday, submission was there, and it is still there:

In the furious rage and frustration i felt, i wiped all my pictures from the CG Portfolio, and added a protest sticker. Probably i did wrong, one cannot protest against the system. Or they send troops to get you, or you die alone in misery…

Thanks for promotion to standard member.
Join Date: May 2006


Ill accept this as a punishmet before a face of god because i worked hard that Sunday to finish my work till the deadline, and did not play with kids or talked with pregnant wife…
And he clearly said to us that: “Six days shalt thou labor, and do all thy work; but the seventh day is a sabbath, that is, the rest of the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not do any work therein,…”

Anyway, leigh, thanks for your time and nerves.



– removed to the separated thread – :slight_smile:


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