Poster - ATLANTICA, Dong Hawn, Go (3D)


Title: Poster - ATLANTICA
Name: Dong Hawn, Go
Country: Korea (South)
Software: 3ds max, Painter, Photoshop

Hi all.

Here is the poster for the MMO Roleplaying game called ‘Atlantica’

It took aproximately two months to complete it.

this piece is the teamwork of several workers in my project.
I did layout, posture of characters, background painting,
final composing and retouching for it.

My project has already come out to market so I uploaded the poster to my gallery.

I hope you guys enjoy it.



great work dude ! 5*


This is a very good piece! I’m not a big fan of the big tits getting thrown at you though, but besides that it’s very good. I like the characters


Geeeez, You got 5 from me. Final fantasy style. Very nice.


Superb poster !
The guy remind me of Sasuke, from Naruto ! isn’t there an inspiration ?


very good work !


Wow Plugged!


good work, 5 stars




Great :thumbsup: , It looks fantastic, beautiful rendering, love characters design and typical real manga style. I am interest in the retouching you said, can you post some screen of early stage or base render? I would like to see how it looks at begining, and how much helps photoshop and paintner to it.
btw 5stars for you :wink:


its nice,can u post some WIPs!


Very Proud That You Are Korean… Nice


Love it, great set of nugs :argh:

Lovely character work I love the subtle use of flesh :slight_smile:

The skin shading and lighting is gorgeous, congrats.


I’m a big fan of the big tits getting thrown at you though.
very good work


It’s… .gravity defying! :eek:


Looks really good. Like it a lot.


Love it man, nice work.


OMG!!! those boobs!!! :drool:

Great Job!!


I seriously wonder how the other characters can focus on anything else with those boobs sitting there. I also like that elf boy’s finger is pointing in their direction as if to say “Check these out!”

Nice image :slight_smile:


I am!:smiley:

But seriously she would be very chilly. Funny thing is that although it isnt logical “they”(wipes sweat from my brow…) fit the piece nicely.