Post your works


Thought we could post some art in here, so post whatever you are working on or if you wanna show some of your latest models.


Here’s a barrel I experimented with today, tried a tecnique with simple deform around a beziercircle to decide the main shape. And with an array for the planks…
bigger res:


lol I must suck as I seem to have scared you guys away, lmao.
Perhaps a bad idea for a thread. :banghead:


The Blender forum around these parts has been a bit quiet for a while I’m afraid - I’d post, but I’ve got nothing worth looking at!


Yea I hear you, I feel generally that the forum was more active just 2 years ago. …Strange
Thanks for reply, felt less lonely to post in here with some kind of feedback. :slight_smile:


This post is just here so it seems there is more activity here :wink:

I am actually using the Video Editor right now, but it is nothing worth showing I am afraid.


Ah better try with some more pictures, you guys can post screenshots of your work too if you want. :slight_smile:

Here’s a quick sculpt made with skin modifier and mirror sculpting…

I made this a little while ago with the tracker and compositor with the new mask tool.


David, awesome. :slight_smile: Looks tricky that, a lot of settings in the compositor I assume?

I played around with the barrels a little, need more UV image tweaking in the scene cause right now it looks repetitive…


Whom, dont worry I really like the idea of this thread! I will try to participate as much as possible :smiley:
I just started to learn blender few weeks ago (I had almost 10 years break of 3d-modelling). currently doing my first weapon with it. Aiming for low-poly for maybe to come someday in my unity3d project…

this is something like… 400 - 500 polys…

I haven`t really learned rendering… also I need to learn more about materials, I could barely uv and wrap that material in this weapon. :stuck_out_tongue:

and btw that your barrel looks mind blowing :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
how did you do that??


Sazem, appreciate it thank you. :slight_smile: I really like what you did with your weapon there, works really good.


I made this portrait of obama few days ago,I really like the sculpt tool in blender。


Thats cool! I can reconize him as Obama, maybe little younger but anyway looks the same. Really nice work!
I really like this blender, more I learn it more I start to like it… in the beginning i was banging my head to wall… I was cursing the one who ever designed it to be like this!!! but after little learning I really start to like the usability and stuff, its just so different from everything else.
Its free and it has everything :smiley: How cool is that?

Here is my musketeer character which im working also now… It misses the details I already added into it… but anyway can you guys tell me whats wrong with it?

In the editor it seems to be ok, but if I render it… it doesnt look to well?



something to do with quad-polygons and triangles or something??


Sazem, I think it has to do with a face that extends from a vertice, have you tried to add an edge to those parts?

Looks good guys. :slight_smile:

Feel free to join the speed modeling section if you guys got some hours to kill and wanna do some practise. This week I am hosting a computer parts theme.


More skin modifying experimenting…


Is there no support for hair edit settings within cycles? Like comb and such…

Anyway I will later try to save my obj file with internal render hair particle then…


here is another character… more simplified…


face is too brown with this render… Lights are bad. Still have to do some texturing and then modelling the zombie.
Then rigging and maybe I could start practicing animation. Only problem is that im already almost going my limits with this old laptop :smiley:


My blenderguru competition entry[URL=]


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