Post your Photoshop Tutorial Links Here!


I also posted this in the matte painting tutorials thread, but since it has as much or more relevance to photoshop, I thought I’d post it up here as well.

go here: cgtalk thread
or go here: and look under tutorials.
(or go here: )

  • I’m going to be cheeky enough to post a link to my own tutorial stuff - I recorded some videos showing various digital painting and detailing techniques. Hope it can be of use!

these are some of the videos you’ll find there:


a few tutorials from my site:

Retouching people

Mac buttons

Water Effect


this is really superb…!

thanks for posting


See my Photoshop Tutorials page (currently 14 tutorials, but it is constantly growing).
Photo effects, photo retouching and more…

Some popular tuts:

Converting Photo into Sketch (currently 4 tutorials for various styles)

Glamour Portrait Retouching (B/W style)

Crazy Color Dreams (infrared style photo retouching)

Dreamy Landscape Tutorial

Sin City Effect

Viktor @ Digital Photography Club


Hey everyone,

I’ve uploaded my tutorial again –

It’s a little out of date but a good start for anyone who wants to try painting in Photoshop.



god damn… thats a lot of links. Very nice.


Wow! Of all these tutorials nobody mentioned Good Tutorials.

Well, that’s what the search funtion said.


Here is (IMO) the ultimate Photoshop resource with hundreds of Tutorials
(like Interfaces/Layout, Drawing, Text Effects etc. Tutorial Section)

Here are a few “Photoshop Quick Tips”

and here is a very handy reference called: “Photoshop keyboard shortcut sheet”


where I can search a tutorial for space, planets and astreroids?

Please help me!


Hi kadath

You may want to check out the work of Greg Martin His article entitled “Capturing Heaven” is very interesting.



…unfortunately i’ve also seen…
there are other good sites of this argument?


wow dude… :eek: :thumbsup:


I´ve never ever seen so many Tutorials merged on one site.
That´s right that what I need at the moment :slight_smile:


So Many Tutorials i wish more were labeled i was looking for tutorials on one thing at a time like…

How to colour Hair?

OK I just Scanned my Picture in, What to do to set up before i start colouring on different layers?

Skin Tone?

Blending colours?


Check out her tutorials -->


here i have found some great tutorials



hi guys i need some video tutorials.could u please help me?:bounce:


What software? I have created some free ones at:


i need long photoshop tutorials:bounce: VIDEOs.
hey thanks for the link:thumbsup: .


ok here is a DVD (video tutorial) that you can download it of these links:
You Will Love this One