Post your Photoshop Tutorial Links Here!


here are some tutorials i made. hope somebody finds them useful

#122 tut for comics and manga design . :thumbsup:


Just found these on

A good concept design bike render

Painting in CS

Persp drawing

#124 , excellent source for general humour and some wicked photoshop work, and tutorials to introduce the users how to create such pieces of work.

direct link:
PArt 1)
PArt 2)


holy jesus :thumbsup: …there is no reason not to be a photoshop guru after having all this links…I already have them on my hard drive…thanks guyz…‘kk’


I offer a free digital imaging ezine with accessible tutorials and info on image creation and editing applications.

The upcoming issue #4 will have a tutorial about creating terrains in the free (for personal use) Terragen.


wow! let’s study hard and become a photoshop master! :buttrock:


Here’s a great one I found via a good ol’ google search:

Peace :buttrock:


i just thought about resigning my job and start it all over


Hey man thats my favorite texturing site! Its got all the best tutorials collected together from some of my favorite old sites that have since disapeared. Its amazing! But hey i notice its down at the moment and im worried it wont come back up, can you please put your site back up, atleast for a little longer so i can download and archive all the tutorials? If not then can you email the tutorial files to me? Thanks soooo much man! I Love your site, its the best!

-Tim Tierney


Started publishing my Photoshop tutorials collection here:

The entire collection is really large and preparing nice previews takes a bit of time, so only about 5-7% of all tutorials are published now.

[Photo retouching]


[Digital painting]

and other…


there are some I made…


does anyone know where to find good tutorals for character illustartion like the streetfighter kind or any good ones for characters heres what im working on ,also take any comments


a range of tutorials I have created including movie demos made using Captivate.


With a very little effort, you can take existing photographs of everyday scenes and make it look like they’re actually of miniature models.

Very interresting techniques.



so many
have a see


oh my god… what’s a great job!!
thanks so much :slight_smile:


i also like this site…

thanks to all of you…


That’s really what I needed!
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im on slow comp, so dont wanna browse through all posts…
But there’s alot of double posts in that big list.
i saw spoono and eyewire or whatever 3+ times.
So you might want to edit those out :slight_smile: so ppl dont get scared from the huge list hehe.