Post your Photoshop Tutorial Links Here!


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It says url not found for the flash movie. But great stuff I say.


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I don’t know if its me but 100% of the tuts list is dead for me…plz overwork/rework the list and delete the dead ones…otherwise its really senseless for people like me.

Also divide this long list into sections if you have enough time…creating textures is my main focus…thx in advance


Hello !!

Do you know tutorials for matpainting with photoshop ?

Excuse me my english is bad.



yes i would really much like to see them too


Hmm, I think it would be handy to know what kind of tutorial it is. But that would mean a lotta time wasted to help out newbies, who usually aren’t willing to skim through it anyways.


now whats that supposed to mean? we would like to learn more about matte-painting. how hard is that to understand? and if you don’t know ho to/want to help us, than don’t say we are not actually interested :slight_smile:


i have 2 link s

for matte painting but its not really tutos


and this:

good view :wink:


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Thank a lot Marc Arnault for this post. There are a lot of intresting tuto…
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“Let’s Get Small” ( ) is a tutorial I made for game artists who want to get a better understanding of how MIP map texturing works, why it’s there, and some ideas about how to use it.


GW is also a REALLY good source for PS stuff…


wow it is so amazing dude… how can you collected so many freebie tutorials web site. It is pretty useful to the beginer and intermedia… thanks for sharing


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Some good video tutorial links here -