Post your Photoshop Tutorial Links Here!


well here are three simple tuts


Hey everyone! I just discovered this website today. It’s a great place to learn alot of things and meet great people.

There’s a beginner’s photoshop tutorial in
If you request one, they’ll ship you a trial cd free with no charge. Just email them your name and address. No credit card, cash or checks!

Classica :buttrock: [FONT=Fixedsys]xxx[/FONT]


This is just what I needed. Thanks for these tutorials! Just what a newbie like me needs to get started!

Thanks :slight_smile:


A few PS tuts


Has anyone tested this yet?
its an exe-file so… :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot .I feel your web ver well. I like it .


MY god… this is the biggest list of tut’s iv’e ever seen! Thx m8!
the only thing to do about it… would be… categorisation… like, painting tut’s, design tut’s etc… (don’t know if someone else already suggested this though)


Asig! Rock on Bro., you own your world.

Are you a god of time contol?

Thanks any way,



its a great list, but id love for it to be a bit more catagorised(sp?) im looking for tablet painting tutorials…


I already have downloaded almost a gigabyte of Photoshop tips, tricks and tutorials, and I’m still only on page 20 of my Photoshop for Dummies book :scream:


Just a heads up. (insert plug here)

we have great tutorials for basics to advanced techniques.


Yes it works great.


thank for all thes url


real nice of u dude


walkthrough for this image :


walkthrough for this image :


walkthrough for this image :


a walkthrough for this image, along with a little flash movie step-through (which has more steps than the html version on the site.)



i am too bad at english and i dont understand nothing at this tutos
I would have french tutos if its possible:sad: :love: