Post your Photoshop Tutorial Links Here!


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#42 - Has some pretty usefull ones. Wonderful effects.


PS Scripting tutorial:


Marnault, Thanks for links:thumbsup: :applause:


OK i know all you people took the time to give us all those brilliant links. the only problem was that some of them didnt work and some were causing adaware to appear etc. so what i did was look through every tutorial i got and check the links one by one. i know its not much but hopefully some one will take the time to have a look through them and catogorize them. ok instead of babbling on. here is a link to a webpage with the links on.
thanx again guys and enjoy


Techno Gear Tutorial!

and dont forget to check my gallery section :slight_smile:


I made a short tutorial about painting metal. I hope you like it:

Painting Metal Basics


I’ve written up a few things about Photoshop workflow here:
PS hotkeys
PS selections
PS palettes

 and about painting clouds here:
 [painting clouds part I - preparing](
 [painting clouds part II - painting](

painting clouds part III - painting2

and about
painting rough metal and blood


Have anyone know of good(ok any:) ) tutorials on tablet painting?
I mean - different techniques, tips and tricks etc.
Coz I have some skills in traditional drawing( and want to raise CG one.

Thanks in advance


Does enyone know where to get free PS video tuts?


Seems my previous post attempt failed…

Have anyone know of any tuts on tablet painting? I mean techniques, tips etc.


These aren’t my tutorials, but i was having trouble finding fur/hair tutorials and i found these, thought they could help out other people who are kind of new to ps like me.


This link was on that huge list (btw thanks Marnault):


[/u]it has tutorials on painting (including hair).

Dim_Walker: I may be wrong, but I don’t think there are “Tablet” tutorials. What you learn for mouse works also for tablet, its a matter of knowing what you can do with the software. I think “painting” tutorials its what you’re looking for. Good luck!


Thanks to all of you guys :thumbsup: kudos


One method of painting fur in Photoshop, leading to this:

tutorial link

all the best


Does anyone know where i can find a tutorial in Turkish ?


Perhaps, someone will make a list of thoose more professional tutorial sites and the rather crappy ones. Cuz well i don’t find all the solutions useful and efficient. Hmmm its just a tip of somebody would feel bored :wink:


Great ones, i’ll have to take some time (a lot of time) to practice all of them, many thanks to everyone for this post It has helped me a lot.

About Tablet Tutorials, i’ve found that most of the time the people writing tutorials about digital painting are using tablets when they do them, but some people use mouse instead of a tablet with the pen tracing tool. But as you may know the tablet skips all those steps if you sketch before going into detail that’s where you can find out who is using a tablet and who is using a mouse. i think that’s the main difference, the people with tablet’s draw a roughly sketh before all the following work and the people with mouse draw it with pencil, sometimes scanned and then using the pen trace tool. anyway i use the tablet with the trace tool sometimes to get more defined borders but this is kindda tricky cause if you want softer edges then you use just the tablet without masking but when you remember the good times of an airbrush set you will try to mask everything up.
what do you people think???


woo i got a few (been posted before) (some tutorials @ my site by my good friend Khin!) ( :wink: )


my site, usable for texturing guns for 3d games :wink: