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I have posted some car renderings photoshop tutorials here :


Great list.
Just remember to update it, some of the links does not longer work :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tutorial. I liked it very much!


Yes, the links should be updated. Maybe we should start with another round of great links.

One of the best places I know is psd.tutsplus (

It has 6 sections:

[li]tutorials[/li][li]articles[/li][li]tips[/li][li]sessions[/li][li]resources[/li][li]videos[/li][/ul]with tons of articles and tutorials on everything Photoshop. psd.tutsplus is part of the ever evolving envato network comprising of several other interesting sites like vector.tutsplus (mostly Illustrator), cg.tutsplus (3d and game engines) and gamedev.tutsplus (software agnostic game development).

Most of the tutorials are free but there is also a premium section with even more tutorials for a small fee. Besides articles and tutorials there are also some series focusing on a specific theme like Introduction to Photoshop CS 6 (29 parts as of now), Shortcuts (21 parts) etc.

Also noteworthy are articles with sample works of outstanding photoshop artists like Bobby Myers (, Erik Johansson (, Chase Stone (, Sebastien Hue (, Daniel Kvasznicza (, Dave Rapoza ( and ohters. Oh, and don’t miss the hilarious characters of Oscar Ramos (

At this site there are so many excellent tutorials that it is impossible to mention them all. Look at. e.g.,
[li] “How to Paint a Furry Cartoon Character in Photoshop” (,[/li][li]“Create a Stitched Denim Text Effect in Photoshop” (,[/li][li]“Draw a Retro Gameboy From Scratch in Photoshop” (,[/li][li]“Create Biologically Viable Alien Concept Art in Photoshop” (,[/li][li]“Create a Horror Movie-Themed Photo Composition in Photoshop” ([/li][/ul]Or simply head over to the site and plough through all that great stuff.

The overall quality of the tutorials is good to excellent, the thematic range is very broad with the typical photoshop subjects like photo manipulation, text effects, special effects, interface and icon design and so on. The level is more geared toward user with at least some basic knowledge of photoshop (which is good - imo there are simply too many sites around for ps beginnners). I do use several of the tutorials in my courses on game design. A highly recommended site.


Nice collection. I am searching this for a long time. Today I got it… Thanks for share.


I’ve made a tutorial about my technique to transform a photoreal image to a digital watercolor painting.


Wow this is great. Is this making your own?? How can you make it?? Please tell me details. I want to make a similar like this for my websites.


Great collection. Thanks for sharing!


I made a little demonstration/“tutorial” on 3d texture painting in PS CC.


Hello everyone. I’m putting together a series of tutorials for Photoshop CC on youtube. The first ones are here:

  1. Rotating and Cropping:
  2. Getting the dark & light sorted:
  3. Finding the lightest point:
  4. Using color balance:
  5. Saturation and vibrance:

3 more waiting to be put together, rather a lot more in the works. Stay tuned!

edit: Here’s some more…

  1. Curves for tonal correction:
  2. Curves for Color Correction:
  3. Layer Mask Basics:

Really must start the selections tutorial…

…and finished it:

  1. Selections, the basics:
  2. Selecting by hand:
  3. The Pen Tool:
  4. Magic Wand, Quick Select and Color Range tools:
  5. Refine Edge:

… and some more added:

  1. Layer Effects Magic:
  2. Using the Dodge and Burn Tools:
  3. Layer Blend Modes Part 1:
  4. Layer Blend Modes Part 2:

… and two more:

  1. Using Gradients in the Real World:
  2. Content Aware Fill and the Clone Tool:


Hello everyone. Tonka3D has a new collection for 3d artists with more than 15 hours of videos about creating textures, manipulating images and creating 360 HDR panoramic photos. Photoshop is one of the softwares we show in this lessons.

Alright, I have some videos on you tube. Here is a simple case of how you can improve your photos in Photoshop. Have a nice day.



These is mine A beginner should follow them to improve their knowledge in best way.



Here is a link to my “Learn Photoshop The Sweetest Way Series”. A series I started recently, which aims to make is easy for the absolute beginner to learn Photoshop, using Pictures and easy language. The series is still going, but I expect it to be done next month. I hope you like it:-


Are there any tutorials for achieving realistic Depth Of Field? Photoshop’s filters are quite hard to tune to make it real


I think this channel also will help them who want to learn about Photo Editing related services.


Have started working on videos again. Here is a new one showing me painting in photoshop. Sad to say it does not catch original comments because of having to replace music.

And here is an older one.

Hope to have a steady stream of new videos.


There are some Photoshop-related tutorials (video and PDF) at:


Here is my tutorial site -


Many links too :slight_smile: I have to take some time to refer to all of these links : D