Post your Photoshop Tutorial Links Here!


So many links, I don’t know where to start, but wonder if I could find any that could help me effectively use the rendering button? It kinda be awhile searching there all those links


Maybe half of you guys should check your links, I’m getting the server been shut down or a 404 not found.


Many links, but couldn’t you list up the best ones, I’m not going to look at all of them…


Hi all,

I came across this site when wanting to learn stuff about layers and layer blending. One of the best sites I have found on learning photoshop, they are setting up their forums in the near future as well.

hope the site helps.


TBH half those links are over 5-6 years old, no wounder most of them give gateway errors.


photo art tutorials link


enjoy :slight_smile:


found this awesome sitethat has free photoshop tutorials.


huge thanks for your effort! saved me a lot of time.


Tutorials on making Anime eyes with Photoshop:-


Hey there!
Check out these 3 video tutorials-

  1. Newbies: Masks & Layers

  2. Great shortcuts: Brush tool must know shortcuts

  3. Advanced- Selective color change



#4 HD Video Tutorial- Adjustment Layers


My YouTube channel…


Great Photoshop Video Tutorial Resource- with Downloadable .PSD files to follow step by step!

Amigo Productions PS Video Tutorials



all i can say is THANK YOU! :smiley:


Nice… Well theres a lot of pages to go trough now :slight_smile:


A lot of those links are no longer available. Would it be possible to update the list?


That’s a good idea…
I’ll start with one site that is working, has 8 video tutorials…

Photoshop Video tutorials

Hope it helps!


Hope you guys find this tutorial useful.Feedback appreciated.

Also available in Pixelartsmagazine


I have a few tutorials I’ve posted on ModDB - they are primarly made for 3D artists.

Making an Ambient Occlusion map and a Normal map from a heightmap without anything but Photoshop:

Combining normal maps - channel by channel - in Photoshop:
(faster than Crazy Bump if you make it into an action - AND you get EQUAL results!)

The “DICE”-trick - bringing balance to a texture:
(learned it in school - it’s called the DICE-trick because appearently the artists at DICE (Battlefield!) use this method)

How to create great grunge brushes: